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Democrats spend early to knock out GOP challengers

September 3rd, 2010 . by TexasFred

Democrats spend early to knock out GOP challengers

WASHINGTON (AP) - Republican Jesse Kelly was still basking in the glow of his victory in an Arizona congressional primary when the Democratic congresswoman he’s trying to unseat released a scathing TV ad branding him “a risk” who would gamble away people’s retirement savings.

It took Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ campaign just hours to start hitting Kelly on the airwaves for his stance on Social Security. That’s because Giffords, like dozens of other Democrats around the country facing tough re-election bids in a political environment that favors the GOP, was trying to score a knockout punch against her rival before he had a chance to introduce himself to voters.

It’s a time-tested tactic in political campaigns, particularly when an incumbent is facing a lesser-known challenger, or when a seat is up for grabs after a lawmaker’s retirement or departure. And with Democrats at risk of losing their grip on Congress in the November elections, going negative early and often is regarded as a necessity.

Polls show voters leaning toward the GOP - disillusioned with President Barack Obama, dissatisfied with the direction of the country and skittish about the sagging economy. So the idea, strategists and campaign watchers say, is for Democrats and their allies to portray Republicans as an even worse alternative to the devil they know.

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Democrats spend early to knock out GOP challengers

Sounds a lot like Democratic strategy everywhere. Get YOUR message out there. Attack the opposition, even if it’s with half-truths. (Notice how I didn’t say lies. Oops.) Oh, and give a free pass to any Democratic candidate that may be just as guilty of the same misdeeds that you’re using to blast your opponent.

Politics 101. And some Democrats are taking it to the heart. There’s a race here in North Texas that does exactly that.

Jamie Dorris is hammering her TX-113 opponent for his misdeeds, State Rep. Joe Driver of Garland double-billed for travel, and make no mistake about it, Joe Driver did double dip on these expenses.

I happen to know that, not from the news stories but because I have personally talked to Joe Driver. He told me it was indeed a fact and that it was not done deliberately, but was a mistake on his part and brought about by a misunderstanding.

Joe Driver has apologized, profusely. He has made full and immediate restitution and is working with the powers that be in an effort to rectify this situation. Joe claims that he made an honest mistake, and I can accept that. We ALL make mistakes.

Driver’s opponent apparently can’t, or won’t accept that from him. And yet, she (Jamie Dorris) has, to the best of my knowledge, remained silent regarding a Texas Democrat that is accused of using funds wrongfully. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson violated rules, steered scholarships to relatives.

I am not going to judge Eddie Bernice Johnson, that’s not MY job, but I will say this, Ms. Johnson has stated that she too made an honest mistake.

WASHINGTON – As her Republican opponent called for a House ethics investigation, Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson insisted Thursday that she had no idea that the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation had rules against awarding college aid to her relatives.

“If I had known this was against the law I wouldn’t have done it,” the Dallas Democrat told WFAA-TV (Channel 8), as she began trying to rebuild her image after days of scrutiny of $31,000 in scholarships she awarded in violation of nepotism and residency rules. “I did not have an ethical alarm go off.” SOURCE

That’s her story and she’s sticking to it. And, for the record, in the interest of fair and balanced, Ms. Johnson has repaid the funds.

WASHINGTON – Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson dipped into personal funds to repay the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation about $31,000 for scholarships she awarded to four relatives and two children of an aide, her office said Wednesday. SOURCE

So, where’s the cry of ETHICS VIOLATION from Jamie Dorris now? Is it not hypocritical of her and her campaign to not equally blast one of their own for perceived misdeeds? I know for a fact that many on the GOP and Conservative side have blasted Joe Driver for his mistake.

But wait, I think I already covered all the reasons why. Politics 101.

I’ve said this several times in the past, I’ll say it several more times before this election is done too I suppose, but here is the way I look at it; IF these ethics violations were indeed intentional and done purely for personal gain, woe be unto the wrongdoer.

But, again, IF Johnson and Driver truly are guilty of making a mistake, or possibly of exercising bad judgement, and no criminal intent can be shown, and given the fact that restitution has been made, BACK OFF and get down to the business of saving America.

The name public calling, the mailings calling names and the anonymous phone calls touting your self described political credibility is getting old in a hurry Jamie, and it’s really very annoying.

Far too many politicians today are only in it for the game. They don’t really bring anything of substance to the table, all they can do is say, “I’m not him/her!” They just want to game the public, ride the gravy train, feed at the public trough and pad their resume as they proceed to the next level of political torpescence.

And it happens on ALL sides of the political spectrum!

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