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141 inmates escape Mexican border prison

December 18th, 2010 . by TexasFred
141 inmates escape Mexican border prison

MEXICO CITY (AP) - Nearly 150 inmates escaped Friday from a state prison in the northern Mexico border city of Nuevo Laredo, and authorities said the breakout was probably helped by prison employees.

The public safety department of Tamaulipas state, where the prison is located near the border with Laredo, Texas, said 141 inmates got out through a service entrance used by vehicles, “presumably with the assistance of the prison staff.”

The department said the prison’s director could not be located, adding that he and other officials were under investigation.

Eighty-three of the prisoners were being held for trial or had been convicted of crimes like theft, assault and other state offenses, while 58 were being held on federal charges, which include weapons possession and drug trafficking.

Full Story Here:
141 inmates escape Mexican border prison

141 future Democratic voters or the biggest lawn service in Texas? Either way, this story from the AP illustrates the horrendous corruption that IS the nation of Mexico.

It is an almost certainty that the escape was aided by Mexican prison officials and guards. The story states that guards are intimidated by prisoners and threats to their (guards) families, and that leaves the guards feeling that they have no other way to go.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon would be well served to get control of his own nation and it’s corruption, curb his criticism of U.S. policy stay out of U.S. affairs.

More than 30,000 drug war deaths in Mexico since 2006

Mexico City – The 12,456 gangland killings reported in Mexico between Jan. 1 and Nov. 30 brought to 30,196 the number of drug-related murders since President Felipe Calderon took office in December 2006 and militarized the struggle against the cartels, the Attorney General’s Office said Thursday.

The figure was disclosed during a luncheon with the press hosted by Attorney General Arturo Chavez Chavez.

Full Story Here:
More than 30,000 drug war deaths in Mexico since 2006

Over 30K killed in this *Drug War* since 2006 and 12,456 gangland killing so far, this year alone? And the bleeding hearts can’t understand why people like me want to see every illegal invader rounded up and deported? And they call me a racist because I want to see our borders secured by ANY means necessary?

I have to ask, just WHO is the real American patriot? And WHO is the FAUX Conservative?

But there is some good news;

DREAM Act Goes Down in Flames in Senate

An immigration bill that would blaze a trail to legal status for hundreds of thousands of undocumented students went down in flames in the Senate on Saturday, delivering a critical blow to Democrats and Hispanic activists.

Even though the House approved the DREAM Act last week, the Senate fell five votes short of the 60 needed Saturday to advance the bill past Republican opposition.

President Obama said in a statement it was “incredibly disappointing” that Senate Republicans blocked the bill.

The DREAM Act, which opponents have decried as a “nightmare,” is now likely to languish for years with Republicans taking back control of the House and picking up an additional handful of seats in the Senate next month.

Full Story Here:
DREAM Act Goes Down in Flames in Senate

The biggest surprise for me was the number of RINOs that had previously supported this DREAM Act that turned their votes around. I know how hard I blasted our U.S. Senators on the issue. Cornyn and Hutchison were both hard line supporters a while back. Maybe they saw the writing on the wall. Maybe this last election cycle woke a few RINOs up to reality.

And what is, to some, the biggest story of the day;

Senate votes to overturn military gay ban

WASHINGTON (AP) - In a landmark for gay rights, the Senate on Saturday voted to let gays serve openly in the military, giving President Barack Obama the chance to fulfill a campaign promise and repeal the 17-year policy known as “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

Obama was expected to sign it next week, although the change wouldn’t take immediate effect. The legislation says the president and his top military advisers must certify that lifting the ban won’t hurt troops’ fighting ability. After that, there’s a 60-day waiting period for the military.

“It is time to close this chapter in our history,” Obama said in a statement after a test vote cleared the way for final action. “It is time to recognize that sacrifice, valor and integrity are no more defined by sexual orientation than they are by race or gender, religion or creed.”

The Senate vote was 65-31. The House had passed an identical version of the bill, 250-175, on Wednesday.

Full Story Here:
Senate votes to overturn military gay ban

My reaction to this may shock some of my Conservative and Christian friends, but will come as no surprise at all to my Libertarian friends. I personally don’t care if a service member is a lesbian or a homosexual. I don’t care if they want to announce that they are homosexual. If it doesn’t affect their job performance, if it doesn’t affect their ability to serve in a position of military secrecy, if it’s not something they are doing on the job, why should it matter to me if they are homosexuals?

I also don’t care what anyone does or doesn’t do in the privacy of their own bedroom.

I don’t care how they do it, how often they do it or who they do it with. What a person does in privacy has NO effect on me, or my life, in any way. As long as they don’t tell me that I have to accept their sexual preferences, and as long as they keep their activities private, I honestly don’t care.

Anyone that has ever served knows, anyone that is serving right now knows, and anyone that has ever been a student of military history knows, homosexuals have always been a part of ALL military services, into antiquity. The military is a, pardon the pun, a target rich environment for a homosexual male.

Personally, I don’t believe that homosexuality is a normal function, and I can’t accept the idea that it is the natural way things should have evolved, but, somehow, I can’t help but believe that America is faced with far more important issues than who is wearing lacy pink panties under their BDUs.

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8 Responses to “141 inmates escape Mexican border prison”

  1. comment number 1 by: BobF

    Throughout my 26 year career in the military, I know I served with homosexuals but I just didn’t know it because they weren’t in your face about it. I also served with some who turned out to be child molesters, adulterers, wife beaters, and drug abusers. I served with one guy who robbed a convenience store and then committed suicide. The military is nothing but a “slice” of society but with stricter rules because peoples lives depend upon the discipline necessary to to defend nation. Homosexuals enlist in the military knowing it’s against regulations and now they want the regulations changed to allow their lifestyle.

    UCMJ Article 125-Sodomy
    “(a) Any person subject to this chapter who engages in unnatural carnal copulation with another person of the same or opposite sex or with an animal is guilty of sodomy. Penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense.
    (b) Any person found guilty of sodomy shall by punished as a court-martial may direct.ďż˝?

  2. comment number 2 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    1. Omnibus bill: DOWN!

    2. DREAM Act: DOWN!

    3. Next: START goes DOWN!

    A slight aside as someone who worked in the Child Abuse Bureau of my department not long ago; a Truism: not all who were abused WILL abuse — but ALL who abuse WERE abused.


  3. comment number 3 by: Bloviating Zeppelin


    Considering the “alternative,” I am OVERJOYED to be part of the Party of NO!


  4. comment number 4 by: Robert

    Ominbus bill will return and when it does we will most likely have a real problem with it.

    Dream act will return and when it does we WILL have a HUGE problem with it.

    START needs to be STOPPED.

    151 new Democrats are coming. If they are flaming butt pirates they will surely have mixed emotions about what happened this week…

    I guess the gay agenday will be happy now right? They won’t be pushing for anything else right? They won’t be doing the things they do in Frisco right? Yeah right.

    This country needs an enema, we need to remove our heads from the PC ass and get on with competing in the world. We need to stop placating every “Cause of the day” so someone feels good about themselves. This nanny state BS is sickening.

  5. comment number 5 by: GM Roper

    I have to agree with both Fred and Bob F. Any Airman, Soldier, Sailor, Leather-Neck or Coastie that has ever served, served with at least one gay individual whether they know it or not. If they are saying now that they had their performance compromised, then they weren’t paying attention to their job and were paying way too much attention to the proclivities of their shipmates (or fellow troops.)

  6. comment number 6 by: Always On Watch

    I am appalled at the repeal of DADT! In my view, this repeal will seriously undercut our military in several ways. **sigh**

    As I see it, the repeal of DADT is pandering for gay votes.

    I admit that I’m quite happy that the Dream Act has failed. At least, it’s failed for now. The Dems will try again, of course.

  7. comment number 7 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    “Pushing” for anything?

    Robert, I absolutely larfed until I stopped!

    How about fudge packing??


  8. comment number 8 by: Bob Mack

    Repeal of DADT means the eventual re-institution of the draft, as an exodus from the ranks is inevitable once the military becomes fully homo-friendly.

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