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Minorities fare worse in traffic stops

April 29th, 2007 . by TexasFred

Black, Latino drivers fare worse in traffic stops

WASHINGTON - Black, Hispanic and white drivers are equally likely to be pulled over by police, but blacks and Hispanics are much more likely to be searched and arrested, a federal study found.

Police were much more likely to threaten or use force against blacks and Hispanics than against whites in any encounter, whether at a traffic stop or elsewhere, according to the Justice Department.

The study, released Sunday by the department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, covered police contacts with the public during 2005 and was based on interviews by the Census Bureau with nearly 64,000 people age 16 or over.

“The numbers are very consistent with those found in a similar study of police-public contacts in 2002″, bureau statistician Matthew R. Durose, the report’s co-author, said in an interview. “There’s some stability in the findings over these three years.”

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Minorities fare worse in traffic stops

Having witnessed, or been involved in a few traffic stops conducted over the years, and having known very well or been related to some of those making the stops, I can tell you this from 1st hand experience and observation, the minorities that DID catch the really nasty end of the stick we’re the ones that brought it upon themselves.

They exited their vehicles in a rapid and threatening manner, they were loud, abusive and profane, with those actions being directed towards the officer making the stop, regardless of the officers demeanor, and there always seemed to be a CHIP on the shoulder of the minority that had the worst attitude, the professional victim syndrome so to speak.

It’s something you sort of expect when you stop a ’63 Chevy low-rider or a Caddy pimp-mobile with the fuzzy dice and hip-hop rocking windows 3 blocks away, but I have seen supposedly professional Blacks and Hispanics go absolutely ballistic because of a routine traffic stop.

It’s pretty likely I will again be called a racist for this type of post but I don’t care, if people don’t want to be subjected to profiled traffic stops, don’t engage in profiled activities, if you want to be treated in a professional manner, act as if you ARE a professional, and that applies to the Officer as well, if you want to be talked to in a respectful manner, address the officer in a moderate and pleasant tone of voice, if you use that as YOUR standard and the officer doesn’t, you win, hands down, no pun intended.

You get out of the car and the 1st words out of your mouth are “What the f**k are you stoppin’ me for you white-assed honky pig??” and you can pretty well rest assured it’s going to go down hill from there, really fast.

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4 Responses to “Minorities fare worse in traffic stops”

  1. comment number 1 by: Porcus

    What you talkin’ about man? You dissin my ride, Homey? I just bought a pair of fuzzy dice from my carwash for my tricked out snow white totally stock…Jap truck. They ought to racial profile the hell out of me, huh?

    My experience as a young hothead many moons ago, was that if you mouth off to a cop, no matter what your race, officer Fife ain’t going to be too happy, even if the cop is a donut eating Barney Fife.

    During the L.A. riots, I carried a baseball bat behind the seat of my car. Get pulled over by a cop, and during the course of the stop, he asks if I played baseball.

    I replied, “Why do you ask?”

    He told me, “Because if you don’t play baseball with that bat in the back, and we had a report of an assault on someone by means of a bat, you would be going to jail.”

    I was in college and would have way to much to lose if I started in on him, so I kept a level head and a way shut mouth. He let me off with a warning, and no dammit, I did not thank him for wasting my time.

    Now, what to do about those pesky, crappy Asian drivers.

    Oh shit Tex, my Asian wife is sharpening her Ginsu knife and threatening to go Kung Pao on my white as a cracker ass. Oh well, as long as it keeps her from driving.

    You know, every time I post here I end up in the damn doghouse.

  2. comment number 2 by: TexasFred

    Damn, every time Porcus shows up I LMAO…

  3. comment number 3 by: JD3

    Black, Hispanic and white drivers are equally likely to be pulled over by police, but blacks and Hispanics are much more likely to be searched and arrested…

    Equally likely to be pulled over….that says it all for me….they are not being singled out at that point…..

    more likely to be searched and arrested….well now..that is different…could it be because they are pretty well up to no good?

    I think so……gangs…..drugs… name it…………well now..I think the study says it all….call me racist if you wish…though I would deny it….you have to face up to some facts now and then….if you read the stats you also find out that most crimes by race are against people of the same race…nothing racist there….

  4. comment number 4 by: Porcus


    I really do have an Asian wife, but hold on to your hot dogs, eggrolls, and chopsticks, she really is a good driver, at least when the barkeep cuts me off, takes my car keys and calls the Mrs. to get me the hell out of the establishment and I have no other choice but to let her drive.

    Glaring omission.You failed to mention female drivers. Most are cool with me, especially when they’re driving high end rides like, oh, let’s say a Dino Ferrari, with me in it, on it, on her, whatever, but that’s a different story for a different day.

    Hot chicks get profiled and pulled over all the time by cops, and being adults, we know why. I know. A friend of mine was a Sheriff, and told me all kinds of crap. Cops would use the opportunity to cop a feel (pun intended), and maybe a little more yum-yum.

    What about rich white dudes in rare sports cars? My cousin had a Pantera, and had to sell it because he was constantly getting pulled over, not for violations, but because the One Bullet Fife’s wanted just get a look at his ride.

    One more. The Blue Haired Old Lady crowd that run stop signs and make you sweat bullets after coming within an inch of your life. If I were the cops, I would certainly be on the lookout for them.

    Where the hell are the likes of Al Sharpton and Je$$e Jack$son for them.

    Shit Tex, the Mrs. bagged me again over the Ferrari thing. No Ginsu knives this time. She demands her nightly…thing. I’m gonna get spanked so hard…never mind.

    Call me crazy, but I tempt fate every time I visit the Fredder Blog.

    Gotta go pay the price and take my bedroll into my doghouse.