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Minorities fare worse in traffic stops

April 29th, 2007 . by TexasFred

Black, Latino drivers fare worse in traffic stops

WASHINGTON - Black, Hispanic and white drivers are equally likely to be pulled over by police, but blacks and Hispanics are much more likely to be searched and arrested, a federal study found.

Police were much more likely to threaten or use force against blacks and Hispanics than against whites in any encounter, whether at a traffic stop or elsewhere, according to the Justice Department.

The study, released Sunday by the department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, covered police contacts with the public during 2005 and was based on interviews by the Census Bureau with nearly 64,000 people age 16 or over.

“The numbers are very consistent with those found in a similar study of police-public contacts in 2002″, bureau statistician Matthew R. Durose, the report’s co-author, said in an interview. “There’s some stability in the findings over these three years.”

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Minorities fare worse in traffic stops

Having witnessed, or been involved in a few traffic stops conducted over the years, and having known very well or been related to some of those making the stops, I can tell you this from 1st hand experience and observation, the minorities that DID catch the really nasty end of the stick we’re the ones that brought it upon themselves.

They exited their vehicles in a rapid and threatening manner, they were loud, abusive and profane, with those actions being directed towards the officer making the stop, regardless of the officers demeanor, and there always seemed to be a CHIP on the shoulder of the minority that had the worst attitude, the professional victim syndrome so to speak.

It’s something you sort of expect when you stop a ’63 Chevy low-rider or a Caddy pimp-mobile with the fuzzy dice and hip-hop rocking windows 3 blocks away, but I have seen supposedly professional Blacks and Hispanics go absolutely ballistic because of a routine traffic stop.

It’s pretty likely I will again be called a racist for this type of post but I don’t care, if people don’t want to be subjected to profiled traffic stops, don’t engage in profiled activities, if you want to be treated in a professional manner, act as if you ARE a professional, and that applies to the Officer as well, if you want to be talked to in a respectful manner, address the officer in a moderate and pleasant tone of voice, if you use that as YOUR standard and the officer doesn’t, you win, hands down, no pun intended.

You get out of the car and the 1st words out of your mouth are “What the f**k are you stoppin’ me for you white-assed honky pig??” and you can pretty well rest assured it’s going to go down hill from there, really fast.

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