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Angry Readers dump Us Magazine over Palin

September 5th, 2008 . by TexasFred
Angry readers dump Us Magazine over Palin

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Three celebrity weeklies — OK!, People and Us Weekly — featured Sarah Palin on their cover, but one of those magazines is reportedly losing subscribers because of it.

Us Weekly, which unlike People and OK!, chose a rather caustic cover line (“Babies, Lies and Scandal”) is said to have lost thousands of subscribers in just the first 24 hours following the printing of the issue.

“I’m hearing it’s 5,000, maybe more,” says one well-placed source in the industry. Another source claimed that as many as 10,000 readers have already cancelled their subscriptions. A spokesperson for Wenner Media, which publishes Us, says “it is completely false that we are losing 10,000 subscribers.” As for the 5,000 estimate, the spokesperson only said “that is false, too,” but wouldn’t comment further.

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Readers dump Us Magazine over Palin

All I can say is, more power to the former readers of Us Magazine. If you want to hit a company, if you want to get your point across, hit them in the wallet. That gets you more attention than ANY letter to the editor or blog post.

The media in this nation is extremely left leaning, the recent coverage of the DNC and the RNC brought that to the forefront of the presidential race. The MSM has given Obama and his family a free pass, and they call it responsible journalism. Us Magazine slams Sarah Palin, in the most hypocritical manner, and cringes when they are taken to task for their hi·jinks!

And then there’s this little cretin, a guy named John Mercurio. Mercurio rants:

ST. PAUL - Listening to Republicans here this week, it’s hard to know whether John McCain is running against Barack Obama or this evil creature they like to call the “East Coast liberal media elite.” The problem wasn’t the message; it’s a time-honored strategy for Republicans to accuse the media of liberal bias, and the media usually relents. The problem, in many cases this week, was the messengers.

SOURCE: GOP shoots the messengers

There’s a good reason the GOP and Conservative writers have accused the MSM of liberal bias John, that’s because it IS a reality!

If you read the Mercurio article you’ll see that even as he defends the MSM, claiming that it’s all John McCain’s fault because of his timing, that timing being the announcement of Palin as Vice President, he then goes on to attack Palin a bit further down the page.

Media bias? You bet there is, and it’s 99% leaning to the left. Liberal media foisted Obama off on the Democrats when they had some better choices, better as Democrats go. The MSM has decided that Obama is their golden boy, and nothing is going to stop them from getting him elected.

There’s only one problem with that thought. They forgot about the Republican vote and the Conservative vote. That Conservative vote comes from both sides of the aisle, and it’s time for Conservatives to hit back. Take the MSM to task for their bias. Make it hurt. Hit ‘em where it hurts the most, hit ‘em in the wallet!

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