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Sotomayor picks up more GOP support with vote near

August 5th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Sotomayor picks up more GOP support with vote near

WASHINGTON (AP) - Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor picked up more GOP support Wednesday in her drive toward near-certain Senate confirmation this week as the first Hispanic justice, even as a growing chorus of Republicans called her unfit for the bench.

Sen. Kit Bond, R-Mo., became the seventh Republican to announce he’ll vote for President Barack Obama’s nominee, saying he disagrees with some of her rulings and statements but considers her a well-qualified jurist.

“There’s been no significant finding against her, there’s been no public uprising against her,” said Bond, who is retiring. “I will support her, I’ll be proud for her, the community she represents and the American dream she shows is possible.”

Bond’s comments came as Democrats were preparing to declare political victory on Sotomayor’s confirmation, organizing the party’s female senators, Hispanic leaders and civil rights groups, among others, to stress the historic nature of her confirmation.

Full Story Here:
Sotomayor picks up more GOP support with vote near

The Main Stream Media, the MSM, is in serious need of an education. Sotomayor is NOT picking up more GOP support. Sotomayor is picking up more RINO support. RINOs, as in Republican In Name Only, as in, not a Republican at all.

Latino leaders in particular warned that Republicans who opposed Sotomayor would feel political pain from their population, a large and fast-growing segment of the electorate.

This reminds me of an old joke, one that will surely get me labeled a RACIST. Again…

A Cowboy, an American Indian and a Latino were sitting at the bar having a drink.

The American Indian was sitting there feeling very sad. With a tear in his eye, he tossed back a shot and declared, “Once my people were many, now we are few.”

On hearing this, the Latino brightened up and tossed back a shot saying, “Una vez que mi gente era muchas, ahora somos pocos” which translates to, Once my people were few, now we are many.

The old Cowboy tipped his hat back, finished his beer, looked at the Latino and said, “Yeah, well, we ain’t played Cowboys and wetbacks yet”.

I have said it before and I WILL say it again, there is not so much as ONE Republican Senator that is voting FOR Sonia Sotomayor. They are RINOs, a totally useless version of a species known as Dem Lite.

When a nominee is identified specifically by SEX and/or ethnic group, there is a divisive nomination in process.

When a person uses the title some name here - American as a distinctive definition of race or ethnic background, that person is not an American at all. There are NO hyphenated Americans, you are either an AMERICAN or you are not!

ANY GOP Senator that votes FOR the approval of Sonia Sotomayor must be voted out of office and replaced with a REAL Conservative that won’t make a similar mistake again!

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Judiciary Republicans delay Sotomayor vote 1 week

July 21st, 2009 . by TexasFred

Judiciary Republicans delay Sotomayor vote 1 week

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate Judiciary Committee has put off its vote on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor for one week after Republicans asked for a delay.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy says the vote will occur on July 28. The Vermont Democrat says he’s disappointed the GOP held up the committee’s action, but predicts Sotomayor will join the Supreme Court in time for an earlier-than-usual first meeting on Sept 9.

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, the senior Judiciary Committee Republican, says President Barack Obama’s first high court nominee is on track to be confirmed in early August - a slightly faster timetable than GOP-nominated Chief Justice John Roberts.

Sotomayor is expected to be confirmed easily

Full Story Here:
Judiciary Republicans delay Sotomayor vote 1 week

Sotomayor may indeed be a done deal, and easily confirmed, but I have to ask, WHY?

Are our Senators that gutless? Are they afraid that if they don’t confirm Sotomayor they will be labeled as racist or sexist? Are they afraid of Obamanure? What is it about this Sotomayor that makes her qualified for the Supreme Court? I just don’t get it.

WASHINGTON — An aide to Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins says Collins will vote for Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor.

Spokesman Ian Swanberg says Collins is preparing a statement detailing her support for President Barack Obama’s first high court nominee. Sotomayor is in line to become the first Hispanic and third woman justice.

Collins becomes the fourth Republican to say publicly she’ll break with her party’s conservative leaders to support Sotomayor. The federal appeals court judge is expected to win confirmation easily in a Senate vote early next month.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a vote on Sotomayor’s nomination for later Tuesday, but panel Republicans are expected to block the action and force a one-week delay.

Full Story Here:
GOP Sen. Collins to support Sotomayor for court

And to the people of Maine; you should ALL be ashamed of yourselves. YOU are the ones that put her in office, YOU are the ones that let her STAY in office. I hope you get exactly what you deserve for putting this notorious RINO in the U.S. Senate!

If the people of Maine have ANY guts at all, they will spend the next few days HAMMERING this RINO Collins and making her painfully aware that she is currently enjoying her last remaining days as a U.S. Senator.


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Did Sotomayor Lie to Senators?

July 16th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Did Sotomayor Lie to Senators?

Did Judge Sonia Sotomayor twist the truth when she met with Senators before her confirmation hearings began? Does anyone on the Judiciary Committee have the guts to call her on it?

“Is there anything the Senate or Congress can do if a nominee says one thing seated at that table and does something exactly the opposite once they [are on the Supreme Court]?” Senator Arlen Specter asked Judge Sonia Sotomayor on Wednesday. When Sotomayor promises her “fidelity” to the rule of law the Senators simply have to trust that she is telling them the truth. Unfortunately, there is significant evidence that Sotomayor has been less than honest in private meetings with the Senators.

This past Saturday, The Wall Street Journal reported on a series of interviews it had done with Senators about their private meetings with Sotomayor. Incredibly, every one of Sotomayor’s private statements to the Senators, as reported by The Journal, were not only false, but she should also have known that they were false when she made them. Each inaccurate statement to the Senators involved speeches the judge had given numerous times and that she had clearly reviewed before meeting with the members of the Judiciary Committee.

For instance, shortly after Sotomayor’s nomination, her now infamous Berkeley law school speech began to receive public scrutiny. Understandably, many Senators asked her about her statement that: “a wise Latina woman with the richness of his experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white man.”

Sotomayor apparently told Republican Senators in private meetings that those words were “inadvertent” and “inartful,” — implying that her statement was an accident. President Obama himself tried to explain this statement as just a one-time utterance that she would have worded differently if she had the chance to do it all over again.

But after these private meetings with Senators it was revealed that Sotomayor had used the equivalent phrases during at least seven different speeches over a period of a decade. It is one thing for Obama to explain this as an accidental, single occurrence; it is something quite different for Sotomayor, especially now that we know that she repeatedly made such statements.

But have her statements to Democrats been any more accurate than those to Republicans?

Full Story Here:
Did Sotomayor Lie to Senators?

This line speaks volumes; But have her statements to Democrats been any more accurate than those to Republicans?

I have said this before, and it bears repeating, Sonia Sotomayor is a racist, a sexist, an anti Second Amendment, pro abortion, liberal automaton that toes the liberal line perfectly. Those are MY beliefs and there is NOTHING that she can do or say to convince me otherwise!

FOXNews and John Lott have done a great bit of work here, Sotomayor has been thoroughly and completely exposed for exactly what she is. Sotomayor has a reputation for being a fiery, hot blooded Type-A personality on the bench and is known for speaking her mind. Even when there wasn’t a thought to be had.

What the American public, and the Senators sitting on this panel saw, was a well coached stooge that is doing exactly as she was told to do. Be subdued, never show any emotion, especially anger. She was playing a part in a play that is going to shape the direction this nation travels for many years. It is NOT a good direction of travel.

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