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Letter to Santa leads to Texas molestation charge

December 16th, 2008 . by TexasFred

Letter to Santa leads to Texas molestation charge

PHARR, Texas (AP) - Police in south Texas say a 9-year-old girl’s letter to Santa may have finally stopped a nightmare of sexual abuse for her and her 10-year-old sister.

Police allege that for as long as four years, Andres Enrique Cantu sexually abused the girls in their bedrooms while they slept or did their homework. Cantu is a computer lab aide at an alternative high school but has not been accused of crimes against students there.

The white-haired Cantu, 55, shuffled into court in leg irons and handcuffs for the second time in less than a week Tuesday to face a charge of continuous sexual abuse of a young child. He did not have an attorney present.

The 9-year-old’s plea to Santa, written as a school assignment, launched the investigation and led to the first charge of continuous sexual abuse last week. On Tuesday, Cantu was accused of abusing the girl’s older sister, who was also mentioned in the letter.

Investigators have refused to share the letter to Santa, saying it is evidence in an ongoing investigation. But the charging affidavit described it as “a wish list to Santa” asking that the girl’s relative stop touching her and her sister.

Pharr Police spokesman Lt. Guadalupe Salinas said the girls’ mother had been unaware of any abuse but that the relative had moved out of the home after an earlier falling out.

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Letter to Santa leads to Texas molestation charge

Ya know, it’s a damned shame that this isn’t a death penalty offense. And if it were it would be SO appropriate to bring back public hanging on the courthouse square.

Yes, I am VERY pro death penalty. Yes, I DO detest child molesters, they need to be hung by their balls until they fall off, and then left to bleed to death.

Yeah Doc, I know, that’s a rude, crude, cruel and unusual, mean, inhumane and redneck sentiment. Ain’t that a bitch? :twisted:

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