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New foe in U.S. drug war: Mexican assassins

April 4th, 2010 . by TexasFred

New foe in U.S. drug war: Mexican assassins

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico - A cross-border drug gang born in the prison cells of Texas has evolved into a sophisticated paramilitary killing machine that U.S. and Mexican officials suspect is responsible for thousands of assassinations here, including the recent ambush and slaying of three people linked to the U.S. Consulate.

The heavily tattooed Barrio Azteca gang members have long operated across the border in El Paso, dealing drugs and stealing cars. But in Ciudad Juarez, the organization now specializes in contract killing for the Juarez drug cartel. According to U.S. law enforcement officers, it may have been involved in as many as half of the 2,660 murders in the city in the past year.

Officials on both sides of the border have watched as the Aztecas honed their ability to locate targets, stalk them and finally strike in brazen ambushes involving multiple chase cars, coded radio communications, coordinated blocking maneuvers and disciplined firepower by masked gunmen in body armor. Afterward, the assassins vanish, back to safe houses in the Juarez barrios or across the bridge to El Paso.

“Within their business of killing, they have surveillance people, intel people and shooters. They have a degree of specialization,” said David Cuthbertson, special agent in charge of the FBI’s El Paso division. “They work day in and day out, with a list of people to kill, and they get proficient at it.”

Full Story Here:
New foe in U.S. drug war: Mexican assassins

We ALL know that the Feds and Police LIE to us. Right?

Isn’t that what so many said about the Hutaree militia sting? The FBI is lying? The government is making this up? They’re just peaceful people that like guns and God? The FBI is only targeting them because they’re Christian? This is Waco or Ruby Ridge all over again?

Does that just about cover it? I can add MORE if you like.

Make no mistake, I have absolutely NO faith in Obama, Holder, Napolitano or anyone else in the hierarchy of the Obama regime when it comes to having the competency required to protect this nation from threats of violence.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some top notch federal, state and local officers out there doing an outstanding job given the constraints imposed on them by the Obama regime. Politics, and those that play politics be damned, there are some truly great men and women working to keep this nation safe.

It’s not some diabolical plot to snatch up LAWFUL, and law abiding Americans, these people are working in the most dangerous environment a LEO can work in, and they are not only in a battle with the drug cartels, terrorists and such, they too are having to fight the political minds that preach PCness, open borders and whatever else it is that is turning the U.S. border states into Norte Mexico.

The special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in El Paso, Joseph Arabit, said, “Our intelligence indicates that they kill frequently for a hundred dollars.”

How do you combat that? How do you stop a people that hold life so worthless that they will take it for $100? These drug cartels aren’t humans, they are animals! They are worse than animals, I am pretty sure animals don’t kill for a thrill or for money.

Arabit said investigators have no evidence to suggest the Barrio Azteca gang includes former military personnel or police. It is, however, working for the Juarez cartel, which includes La Linea, an enforcement element composed in part of former Juarez police officers, according to Mexican officials.

Now we get into that area of political correctness known as doublespeak. There’s no evidence to suggest that Barrio Azteca has former military or police involved, but, the cartel they work for does. That is the utterance of a career bureaucrat. Arabit may have been a hard working field agent, once upon a time, but now he’s in the office and you know how it goes, C.Y.A.

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Mexican cartels plague Atlanta

March 8th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Mexican cartels plague Atlanta

ATLANTA — In a city where Coca Cola, United Parcel Service and Home Depot are the titans of industry, there are new powerful forces on the block: Mexican drug cartels.

Their presence and ruthless tactics are largely unknown to most here. Yet, of the 195 U.S. cities where Mexican drug-trafficking organizations are operating, federal law enforcement officials say Atlanta has emerged as the new gateway to the troubled Southwest border.

Rival drug cartels, the same violent groups warring in Mexico for control of routes to lucrative U.S. markets, have established Atlanta as the principal distribution center for the entire eastern U.S., according to the Justice Department’s National Drug Intelligence Center.

In fiscal year 2008, federal drug authorities seized more drug-related cash in Atlanta — about $70 million — than any other region in the country, Drug Enforcement Administration records show.

Full Story Here:
Mexican cartels plague Atlanta

And this comes as a surprise to ANYONE?? Actually, Atlanta does surprise me by being the city of choice, there’s a lot of well armed redneck southern boys around Atlanta, you would think that there might actually be a few patriots among them that could, or would take some initiative where a bunch of wetback drug dealers, and their need for removal was concerned!

An added attraction for the cartels, say Nahmias and Rodney Benson, the DEA’s Atlanta chief, is the explosive growth of the Hispanic community.

Nahmias calls northeast suburban Gwinnett County, about 30 miles northeast of Atlanta, the “epicenter” of the region’s drug activity.

It is a certainty that Obama will do nothing to alleviate this situation, but the immediate blame is NOT on his shoulders. We can thank one George W. Bush for the debacle that this nation has become concerning the open borders and out of control ILLEGAL invasion! That is a failure that can be squarely placed on his shoulders.

I see a number of blogs and sites espousing their lamentations regarding Bush over Obama. You likely won’t see that here. Those 2 ignorant douchebags are the very reason that America is in the predicament that it’s in! Bush refused to close the border after 9-11, thus allowing this nation to be totally over-run in the 8 years of his presidency and Obama doesn’t know where the damned border is.

The time is fast approaching America, the time when the average citizen will have no choice but to stand for what’s right or be consumed by ALL the wrong that is taking place in this once great nation…

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As drug violence escalates, Americans in Mexico warned

February 26th, 2009 . by TexasFred

As drug violence escalates, Americans in Mexico warned

WASHINGTON (AP) — Mexican drug cartels are shipping more than massive quantities of drugs north of the border. Increasingly, they’re also exporting bloody mayhem.

Seeking to stem the growing influence of the Sinaloa cartel within the United States, federal agents arrested more than 50 suspects in raids Tuesday night and Wednesday morning at different ends of the country. The raids capped a 21-month operation by the Drug Enforcement Administration that rounded up 755 suspects and seized more than $59 million in criminal proceeds.

“These cartels will be destroyed,” Attorney General Eric Holder said Wednesday at a press conference announcing the arrests.

The overnight roundup by DEA and state and local police included arrests in California, Minnesota and the Maryland suburbs of Washington.

Holder called the cartels a threat to national security, adding, “They are lucrative, they are violent, and they are operated with stunning planning and precision.”

Full Story Here:
As drug violence escalates, Americans in Mexico warned

I applaud these officers for their time and efforts. Seriously, I do. They took some scumbags off of the street, some 755 suspects and they seized more than $59 million in criminal proceeds. Folks, this isn’t even a drop in the bucket.

The new AG, Eric Holder, is strutting like a proud peacock too, you would almost think his guys were the ones that put all of this together. According to the story, this investigation has been an ongoing effort for the last 21 months. If my math is correct, Holder has been AG for about a month, that makes him some 20 odd months OUT of the equation. But he’s really trying to make himself look relevant in this operation, like HE personally accomplished this.

The attorney general also suggested that re-instituting a U.S. ban on the sale of assault weapons would help reduce the bloodshed in Mexico, where last year 6,000 people were killed in drug-related violence.

I told my readers, several weeks ago, Eric Holder was being brought in to play the ‘heavy‘ for the Obama administration in their efforts to take as many guns out of the hands of honest Americans as possible. Obama will be able to execute HIS plans to disarm this nation and then smile as he says, ‘But I didn’t do it America, AG Holder did, and he did it to protect you and me and this nation.’, and I am telling ALL of you, right here and now, IT WILL HAPPEN!

I posted here DO NOT Confirm Eric Holder and here Senate confirms Holder as first black AG concerning Holder and his desire to become the most aggressive and successful anti-gun person this nation has ever known. Holder is using the violence in Mexico as an excuse to reinstate the *assault weapons ban*, and it’s a very lame attempt. AK-47′s are his primary target in this recent effort. Oh sure, he includes other guns in his tirades but this one is directed at AK’s it appears.

U.S. officials have a responsibility to make sure Mexican police “are not fighting substantial numbers of weapons, or fighting against AK-47s or other similar kinds of weapons that have been flowing to Mexico,” Holder said.

What Holder doesn’t realize it appears is this, the AK’s that are on our streets and on the streets of Mexico will not be affected by a renewal of the *assault weapons ban*. The AG can institute all the *bans* he wants, these bans will not lessen the number of military type weapons on our streets by so much as 1 rifle!

Eric Holder is the most STUPID individual I have ever seen. The AK’s that Mexican army troops and police are facing didn’t come from the USA, they are pouring in from overseas arms dealers, from black market dealers in Europe, Central and South America and other locations. The AK is manufactured in China, N. Korea, Russia and several former Soviet satellite - Eastern Bloc countries, and can be bought, in LARGE numbers, very cheaply, through DIRECT sources. And in a FULL AUTO configuration.

Get ready America, if the Obama administration, and their new *yard dog*, Eric Holder have their way, WE will be unarmed using the premise that Americans are supplying the guns to drug dealers and once that happens there will be an explosion of violence in this nation the likes of which we have never seen.

And there won’t be one damned thing that We, The People can do other than watch. If we let Holder disarm us that is…

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