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Officials: U.S. believes Gaza blockade untenable

June 3rd, 2010 . by TexasFred

Officials: U.S. believes Gaza blockade untenable

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration believes Israel’s blockade of Gaza is untenable and wants to see a new approach that would allow more supplies into the impoverished Palestinian area while guaranteeing Israel’s security, The New York Times reported Thursday.

On Monday, Israeli commandos raided a flotilla of ships — that sought to run the Israeli blockade and deliver aid — in an operation that killed nine people.

White House officials said that the raid gave strength to a growing consensus within the administration that U.S. and Israeli policy toward Gaza must change, the Times said.

“There is no question that we need a new approach to Gaza,�? one official told the newspaper, which said he spoke on the condition of anonymity because the policy shift was still in the early stages.

Full Story Here:
Officials: U.S. believes Gaza blockade untenable

Untenable? Or undesirable if you happen to be a Muslim loving POTUS?

untenable – adjective
1. incapable of being defended, as an argument, thesis, etc.; indefensible.
2. not fit to be occupied, as an apartment, house, etc.

Since we’re obviously not talking about an apartment I have to presume that the government means untenable defined as incapable of being defended. That sounds about right, sounds like what we’ve come to expect from the Obama regime and the gutless, Muslim loving man-child known as Barack Hussein Obama, aka: Barry Soetoro.

However, the paper said he was reflecting a broadly held view in the upper reaches of the administration. The official stressed that any new approach would have to ensure Israel’s security, while allowing more supplies into the impoverished Palestinian area.

The Palestinians are a pestilence that even the Arab world doesn’t want.

Impoverished? Only because every time they get a shipment of food or medicine they also get a few rockets and bombs and then launch an unprovoked attack on the Israeli people.

Israel has given up more to Palestine than all of the Arab nations combined. Israel has made every effort to have a peaceful existence with neighboring Palestine. So far, Israeli efforts have been ignored. By Palestine, Arabs in general, and most noticeably by the Obama administration.

In a separate statement, White House officials said they had warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government to use “caution and restraint” before the raid on the aid convoy.

“We communicated with Israel through multiple channels many times regarding the flotilla,” P.J. Crowley, a State Department spokesman, said in a statement issued in response to a question from The Washington Post.

“We emphasized caution and restraint given the anticipated presence of civilians, including American citizens,” Crowley told the newspaper.

If American citizens were on ANY boat carrying supplies to Palestine, they need to be sunk right along with the rest of the garbage.

Israel has a right to sovereignty. Israel has a right to safety and security. The American people would do well to support Israel in their efforts. If America doesn’t support Israel, if Israel is allowed to fall to the Palestinians, and other Islamic terrorist groups, all because our Muslim loving POTUS doesn’t have the BALLS to take a stand and fight, then believe me, We, The People are next on the list!

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As challenges mount, ardor for Obama cools abroad

January 18th, 2009 . by TexasFred
As challenges mount, ardor for Obama cools abroad

Barack Obama got a global standing ovation long before he was elected president. But in a fickle and fast-moving world, the overseas reviews are already turning mixed.

“Just two months ago, the future president seemed a cross between Superman and Merlin the magician,” Massimo Gramellini wrote in a commentary for Italy’s La Stampa newspaper. “Now he himself admits he won’t be able to keep all his promises, and who knows? Maybe someone will ask for his impeachment by the end of next week.”

Now this a great line, “a cross between Superman and Merlin the magician”. Of course Obama has bitten off more than he can chew. Certainly he is going to be far less effective than advertised. The good part is, many in the WORLD have seen it. The REALLY good part will come when the libber left deflates once they realize that Obama has let his promises write checks his ass can’t cash. The sound of the *whoosh* will be deafening.

Muslims want to know why Obama hasn’t joined the chorus of international criticism of Israel’s Gaza offensive. Last week posters of him were set on fire in Tehran to shouts of “Death to Obama!”

“By the time Obama takes office, hundreds or thousands more will be killed in Gaza and it will be too late for him to act,” said Adel Fawzi, an Egyptian government clerk in Cairo.

Obama is NOT a stupid man. He is ultimately confident but perhaps the harsh reality of what he has inherited is beginning to sink in on him. He may, and I believe he will, as soon as he is sworn in, will declare his intentions to side against Israel. Obama is facing some seriously overwhelming circumstances, and when you consider that George Bush had a bit of time to acclimate to the office of POTUS, Obama is coming in as a solid rookie and will not have the luxury of *getting used to it*.

All the BS that got *Barack the Magic Negro* through the campaign isn’t going to suffice as Chief Executive! Obama is going to have to take sides, and I am off the belief that once he has the reins of power in hand, none of us on the RIGHT are going to be happy with the side he picks!

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and German Chancellor Angela Merkel both say they’re confident the Obama administration will succeed in working with Europe and China to build a stronger global economy.

And if Obama’s own words are to be believed, he’ll be negotiating with terrorists, the enemies of this nation, on the belief that HE can make them see the err of their ways!

Obama needs to worry about the American economy before he sets off to save the world, he needs to ferret out the crooks of BOTH political parties and put an end to the unscrupulous financial shenanigans perpetrated by Wall Street and Company. Then he can set off on his quest for Sainthood and world dominance.

That’s the problem, said Reginald Dale, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington: People everywhere simply expect too much, practically ensuring Obama will disappoint.

“The United States can’t solve all the world’s problems,” he said in an interview. “It doesn’t have enough money or military power. And the president is constrained by Congress and the constitution. The founding fathers wanted to stop someone from being like a monarch.”

Full Story Here:
As challenges mount, ardor for Obama cools abroad

This guy apparently didn’t get the memo that the constitution is going to be rewritten to accommodate the coming monarchy…

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Bin Laden urges jihad against Israel; White House scoffs

January 14th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Bin Laden urges jihad against Israel; White House scoffs

CAIRO (AP) — al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden urged Muslims to launch a jihad against Israel and condemned Arab governments as allies of the Jewish state in a new message aimed at harnessing anger in the Mideast over the Gaza offensive.

The White House responded to the message, saying the audiotape appeared to reflect the “isolation” of the al-Qaeda leader.

Full Story Here:
Bin Laden urges jihad against Israel; White House scoffs

Can someone please explain to me HOW IN THE HELL we can track a cow from it’s conception in a breeding barn all the way through it’s life, right down to the very dinner table it was consumed on and we can’t find a 6’7″ tall terrorist that’s on kidney dialysis?

Those are some pretty good identification characteristics. An Arab that tall is an obvious *give away*, plus, the dialysis equipment is NOT something that you just pack up and take to your local cave!

I know many bloggers that believe bin-Laden is dead. It appears that he is NOT dead, or, the technicians that make these al-Qaeda tapes are a lot more skilled than we have ever imagined. It appears they have found a way to clone bin-Laden, and do an exact voice match on his speech patterns! So it appears.

Personally, I believe bin-Laden to be dead and this *voice* is that of a very good impersonator, and these taped releases are acts of defiance by radical Islam.

Recently I had another of the Bush Bot sheeple accost me regarding my CONSERVATIVE bonafides, saying he could not understand how I could claim to be a Conservative, support Israel in their effort against Hamas and NOT support the war on terror. I am not going to use that individuals real name here but I will use his screen name so he knows, without a doubt, that I AM addressing him.

Oz, the war in Afghanistan IS the war on terror, or, it was, right up until the time that GWB took all focus off of that battle so that he could pursue Saddam Hussein, for what I believe to be nothing more than personal reasons.

Pay attention you Bush Bots, back when we had a Republican controlled House and Senate, they, along with the DoD and the CIA made the determination that Iraq had played NO role in the attacks of 9-11 and that Iraq was not supporting al-Qaeda or the Taliban, Hamas or any other organization other than themselves. That was back a couple of years ago before President Numbnutz lost control of this nation, outed himself for the RINO that he really is, and gave this nation over to the Democrats and their lunacy.

We don’t have bin-Laden, either in person, or his bones, simply because our A.D.D. president lost HIS focus and took this nation on a wild goose chase that has all but bankrupted us and cost the lives of over 4,200 U.S. military members! Iraq is still run by a warlord, al-Maliki, we are still pouring BILLIONS of dollars into a losing proposition, Iraq, a country that is currently enjoying a multi-BILLION dollar surplus in their own treasury, and there are still IED attacks and suicide bombers striking almost daily!

Not support the war on error?? How DARE you! The war on terror had nothing to do with Iraq, Iraq is a manufactured objective, nothing more. By losing his focus on the capture of bin-Laden and the total annihilation of the Taliban when he took off to vindicate *Daddy* by going after Saddam, George W. Bush did more to escalate the war on terror, FOR the terrorists, than he ever did to actually combat that war!

The war on terror is not over, it is merely on a brief hiatus. The terrorists of this world are simply waiting. WE are their next target and they are waiting for Obama to be seated and for him to loose the dogs of disarmament, the massive *gun grab* that WILL come if the Obama administration has their way. Once the American people are disarmed we will see the attacks begin right here, in this USA, begin in earnest. The reason they haven’t begun yet is because the terrorists fear the ARMED American people, and their patriotic reaction if they commence their attacks while we are still an armed and angry segment, a large segment, of this nation!

The American people are the very reason this nation has never been invaded by a military force, they didn’t fear our military, they feared our citizens and the guerrilla campaign that is sure to follow. IF the Obama administration has it’s way, we won’t be able to mount that campaign, and the enemies of this nation will have very little standing in their way as they take this nation by storm. Our military is already *stretched to the breaking point* from having to conduct operations in Iraq and Afghanistan simultaneously. A defensive nationwide effort?? Here in the USA?? Under Obama and the emasculated military that his leadership WILL bring about?

The war on terror?? Figure it our folks, George W. Bush had dug the hole, Barack Obama will fill it in, with American bodies. I fear the enemies of this nation, the *domestic* enemies. They have the ability to be more destructive than all the terror attacks combined!

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