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Gustav holdouts turn to guns, knives and God

August 31st, 2008 . by TexasFred

Gustav holdouts turn to guns, knives and God

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - If the floodwaters rise and trap him in his home by the Mississippi River levee, carpenter Juan LeBoeuf plans to bust out through the roof with a knife.

Bar owner Joann Guidos has a cache of guns to protect her place from looters who roam a city emptied by evacuations ahead of Hurricane Gustav.

Window cleaner Julio Iglesia, who plans to stay in his rented home a block from the mighty Mississippi, is putting his faith in God.

They have been through the horrors of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, losing houses and health in the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history.

Yet they refuse to move under an evacuation order less than 24 hours before another dangerous hurricane is expected to make landfall down the watery coast.

“Katrina was here, but God won’t let that happen again,” said Iglesia.

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Gustav holdouts turn to guns, knives and God

I am NOT going to denigrate that guys belief or faith in God, but God gave man common sense, well, He gave it to some, apparently this guy didn’t get his share.

I am in constant touch with my Son, he’s at the Airport in Kenner with his National Guard contingent. They are staged and in place, ready to make a rapid response to the worst hit areas.

I’m feeding weather info to the troops via text email to their cell phones, they are not getting ANY real weather reports. The command is, but the troops are getting screwed, as per usual, troops are merely mushrooms on the info chain, kept in the dark and fed bullshit. Well, now they have a credible and reliable source for real info, hourly updates and reports from the National Hurricane Center and NOAA.

I’m retired, I’m old compared to these guys, I can’t go fight the wars and do the deeds anymore, but I can damn sure do a supportive mission with Intel. That is, after all, what I did best for many years.

Any real news that I get directly from NOLA will be posted, and it won’t be any of the BS like we saw from the Dem/Libbers and their Democrats Laughing About Hurricane Gustav Timing.

New Orleans has done 1,000 times more to prepare for Gustav than it did for Katrina, I don’t know if Nagin is that motivated or if Jindal built a fire under him. And honestly, I don’t care what the reasons are, the preparation for Gustav has been nothing less than astounding work, done by all the folks involved.

Sometimes a nation has to go through a trial by fire before they can really shine in a disaster. Maybe Katrina was our trial by fire!

It’s all in the hands of God now. Prayers and good thoughts are flowing from our household, I hope they are from yours as well. God Speed to ALL on the Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast, America is going to be there for you!

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Obama: Let’s hope lessons of Katrina were learned

August 30th, 2008 . by TexasFred

Obama: Let’s hope lessons of Katrina were learned

BOARDMAN, Ohio - Barack Obama expressed hope Saturday that the lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina three years ago would help to protect the Gulf Coast from Hurricane Gustav this time. His running mate, Joe Biden, urged people to pray that the levees in New Orleans hold.

Obama and Biden visited a diner in this Youngstown suburb, an area that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton carried during her failed presidential bid. Trying to connect with those who are economically struggling, the Democratic candidates and their wives chatted with diners and told reporters that a properly orchestrated evacuation would be key to protecting the Gulf Coast.

“It wasn’t last time, and hopefully we’ve learned from that tragedy,” Obama told reporters as he left the diner, heading to a memorial service for the late Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, the first black woman to represent Ohio in Congress. She died Aug. 20 from a brain hemorrhage caused by a ruptured aneurysm.

Obama and Biden planned another joint appearance later Saturday in the Columbus area.

Full Story Here:
Obama: Let’s hope lessons of Katrina were learned

Barack Hussein Obama is one of the stupidest Dems to ever draw breath! This is the man that would be president of the USA, this is the man of NO experience, NONE. Not military, not business, not as a community leader, not as a Mayor, not as a Governor, NOTHING, other than being a JUNIOR Senator that doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground!

He “hopes” that lessons were learned from Katrina?

Pay attention you dimwitted imbecile! Louisiana learned the lessons, they dumped Blanco, a pandering Democrat that is even dumber than you are, and that is hard to imagine.

New Orleans has learned NOTHING, they still have *Chocolate* Ray, they have Warren Riley and they still have the welfare mentality that made New Orleans the debacle it is.

Here’s something a lot of Dem libs and *nanny state* moonbats don’t understand, 1st response is the job of the city, the Parish and then the state, IN THAT ORDER. 1st response is NOT the job of federal government. During Katrina the government in Louisiana ceased to function, Blanco wasn’t in danger, she was in Baton Rouge with her head buried in her fat ass crying “Oh my God, what do I do? Why isn’t the President helping?”. Nagin deserted his city and took his wife and kids to Dallas, where they still live today.

Lessons learned Barack?? You betcha there were lessons learned! Katrina gave everyone a real hard look at what this nation could be like if the Dems are ever allowed to take full control. The state of Louisiana learned a HUGE lesson, New Orleans didn’t.

Let’s hope that America pays attention to how an effective Republican and Conservative Governor takes care of business, the Honorable Bobby Jindal.

The Guard is in place right now, the entire Louisiana Army National Guard is activated, there are many troops already on station with more troops are on the way. There is a massive response ready to react to any eventuality. Response, or, more precisely, lack OF a response, that was the downfall of the nefarious Kathleen Babineaux Blanco.

Dem Governors sit on their asses and watch as their cities gets washed away, sit on their asses and do NOTHING except wait for someone to come in and do it for them! Conservative Governors are planned out so far in advance that only the hand of God can hinder their full response to the needs of their people!

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New Orleans considers evacuation as Gustav looms

August 27th, 2008 . by TexasFred
New Orleans considers evacuation as Gustav looms

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - Three years after Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Louisiana coast, New Orleans residents on Wednesday again faced the prospect of an evacuation as Tropical Storm Gustav loomed.

Not since Katrina and Hurricane Rita, which followed in its wake, have residents faced government orders to evacuate their homes and businesses. Many are still struggling to rebuild their lives in a city famed for its jazz clubs and Mardi Gras festival.

On Wednesday, two days before the third anniversary of Katrina’s landfall on August 29, 2005, Gustav drifted away from Haiti and the Dominican Republic after killing 23 people. It could hit the U.S. Gulf Coast around Monday.

The storm was expected to strengthen to a hurricane over the Gulf’s warm waters, and U.S. landfall could be anywhere from the Florida Panhandle to Texas.

But Gustav’s most likely track is directly toward New Orleans.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal put New Orleans residents on alert, declaring a state of emergency and saying evacuations could begin as early as Friday, just before the Labor Day holiday weekend.

Full Story Here:
New Orleans considers evacuation as Gustav looms

It is absolutely amazing the differences were seeing today as opposed to pre-Katrina, that’s what a REAL government and a GREAT Governor can do for a state.

As a lot of folks know, I am from Louisiana, I don’t live there any longer, I haven’t for years, but I have 3 daughters, a son and 3 grand-kids that are in south Louisiana right now. My son is a SGT in the Louisiana Army National Guard and was in Kuwait processing out with the 256th BCT when Katrina struck New Orleans.

His full time job is that of a Sheriffs Deputy and now that is his 1st responsibility should a hurricane hit. His Parish 1st and Guard call-up 2nd, but only because he is a law enforcement officer. We talked at length last night concerning preparations for this coming possibility and his 1st job will be to get his mother and sisters and the little ones headed to north Louisiana where we have family that they can stay with in the event Gustav turns really nasty.

My son has no choice but to remain and do his duty, they have great shelter, well supplied and equipped and their Sheriff is a great leader too. But as a father and a retired person that’s no longer involved in the actual *hands on* any longer, it doesn’t make this easy, no matter how it goes down.

I wish all the folks on the gulf coast well, our thoughts and prayers are with you, but to the people of New Orleans I say this, if the state orders an evacuation and you don’t go, and if your cowardly Mayor deserts his city again, to hell with you, all of you, maybe Gustav can finish what Katrina started.

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