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Mexican schools close as children are threatened

December 13th, 2008 . by TexasFred

Mexican schools close as children are threatened

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico (AP) - Fourth-grader Ricardo Ivan Ortega knows he is a target in this violent city. His school closed temporarily last month after an anonymous note demanded teachers hand over their year-end bonuses - or students would be kidnapped.

Ricardo has a plan.

“I will just hide,” the shy 9-year-old said in late November, waiting in the family car while his mother inquired when Luis Urias Elementary would reopen. “My mom told me not to get near the front gate, and if I need to, to run out of my classroom.”

Across Ciudad Juarez, parents and students are stricken by reports of kidnapping and extortion threats, starting with a sign that appeared Nov. 12 on the front door of another school, the Elena Garro kindergarten, demanding: “Either give us your bonuses, or we will start to kidnap the children.”

Police removed it before the children arrived.

Some speculate that cartels now are targeting schools to supplement income with the Mexican government’s crackdown on drug trafficking, much as they’ve already extorted businesses. Others say common criminals are trying to cash in on the fear that pervades border cities, where terrified residents are seeing ever more brutal murders - more than 1,300 so far this year in Ciudad Juarez.

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Mexican schools close as children are threatened

Ya know, I DO have a bit of sympathy for these folks, they are too frightened to do ANYTHING, but they can’t stand up to the *bad guys*, their government took all the legal guns away years ago. The only ones with guns now are the outlaws, cartel guys and the Federales.

The Federales are scared too. The *bad guys* and the cartels have unlimited income and some really nice weaponry, lots of U.S. dollars, narco-dollars buys you nothing but the very best. Yeah, our dollars. Drug money, from the poison the cartels smuggle into America!

I wonder when the people of Mexico are going to grow a set and put an end to this BS? Oh, I know when, about the time the American electorate grows a set and dumps all the crooks in THIS nation. There’s only one good thing about our situation, our troops and police aren’t bought and paid for like the Federales are.

I also wonder, WHEN does this exact same violence spill over, openly, to U.S. border cities? And when does it come inland a ways? To major cities not ON the border? And just for giggles, what the hell is the U.S. government going to actually DO to stop ANY of this?

Yeah, that’s right. The exact same thing they’ve been doing, pretty much nothing!

I hope you’re locked and loaded, I hope you’re in possession of ammo and magazines, that is where it’s going to happen, that is where the disarmament of the American people begins. And soon we’ll be in exactly the same boat as Mexico, the military will have guns, the *bad guys* will have guns, and we’ll be wondering what the hell happened to America!

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