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Residents not returning to town hit by Mexico drug war

November 23rd, 2010 . by TexasFred
Residents not returning to town hit by Mexico drug war

CIUDAD MIER, Mexico — Shell casings carpet the road outside a bullet-riddled subdivision on the outskirts of this colonial town on the Rio Grande Valley, abandoned by most of the 6,000 inhabitants following a nine-month battle by warring drug cartels.

Nobody lives in the 65 one-story white houses across the border from Roma, Texas, except the abandoned pets that roam the streets of the Casas Geo development. Like 90 percent of those who once lived in Mier, they have fled to a shelter in the nearby city of Miguel Aleman, Mexico’s first such haven for people displaced by drug violence.

While Mexicans increasingly have fled border towns up and down the Rio Grande Valley, Ciudad Mier is the most dramatic example so far of the increasing ferocity of war between rival drug cartels, and the government’s failure to fight back.

The state and federal governments say it’s safe to go back and that people are returning. One official even invited tourists to return. The scenes witnessed by The Associated Press say something else.

Full Story Here:
Residents flee town hit by Mexico drug war

Take a very close look at this story America. This is on the U.S. and Mexican border. Not hundreds of miles into interior Mexico. It’s right on OUR border. For those not familiar with Texas, Roma is 52 miles N.W. of McAllen, Texas. McAllen being a major city along the Rio Grande.

WAR rages along our border. Do you think the U.S. government gives a DAMN? Do you believe that Barack Hussein Obama gives a DAMN? Do you believe that Texas governor Rick Perry gives a DAMN?

If you do believe it, you would be wrong.

The U.S. government is doing all it can to ignore this WAR that is taking place mere YARDS from American cities and towns, and American citizens.

Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t give a DAMN. He is more concerned with the downfall of America and the TSA’s grab and grope program, and the ramifications it will have on his plans for re-election.

Rick Perry? He’s a lot of talk. That’s it. Perry makes it sound real good, ‘We need troops on the border, and I confronted Obama with it…’

That is a damned LIE. Perry handed some papers to an Obama aide, Perry himself had less than a minute to speak to Obama. He didn’t ‘confront’ Obama about anything.

Let me put it this way, IF Perry wanted to put Texas National Guard troops on the border, all he has to do is give the order. Perry is, after all, the commander of the Texas National Guard. Here’s the real story; Perry can do it, but he won’t, because he doesn’t want the state of Texas to have to pay for it. He wants the troops placed under FEDERAL orders, that way, their cost is picked up by the Department of Defense.

With Perry, it’s all about the money, and…the votes.

Perry doesn’t want to anger the Hispanic voters of Texas. He needs and wants their votes and support. Perry, regardless of his hollow words, is exploring a run for the White House, making waves is not a part of his game plan.

There are some that say I am an evil racist and a bigot because of my beliefs regarding American security and the way I believe it needs to be brought about. Frankly, I don’t care what those people think about me. If I did, I would stop posting my opinions over and over.

I truly feel sorry for the working people of Mexico. I mean that sincerely. But the maladies that they and their nation suffer are not brought on by anything that we have any control over.

Mexico is a scab on the ass of humanity. It is a nation long past it’s prime. It is a nation in the firm control of cartels. If it were Afghanistan or Iraq their tyrants would be called war lords.

The United States can’t police the world, we shouldn’t even try.

What is happening in Mexico is the problem of no one but the Mexican people. Some believe that America needs to go in and fix Mexico. Governor Perry supports sending troops to Mexico and this, The Coming War Between The United States And Mexico.

It’s a rare occasion when I disagree with my wonderful friend Longstreet. He is a wise man, but his idea about war with Mexico, the reason for that war, if it were to come about, and it’s method of conduct, are a bit different from mine.

Stem the flow of ILLEGALS into this nation. On that we agree. Round up and deport every last ILLEGAL in the USA. On that we agree.

Seal the border. On that we also agree.

Longstreet then believes that we will be forced to invade Mexico to restore order in that nation. He believes that is the only way for rule of law to ever be instituted in that worthless dung heap.

That is where we differ in opinion.

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Mexico cops shoot doctor in hunt for governors killers

November 22nd, 2010 . by TexasFred

Mexico cops shoot doctor in hunt for governors killers

MEXICO CITY (AP) - Mexican authorities say police accidentally killed a doctor in the Pacific state of Colima while looking for the assassins of an ex-governor.

State prosecutor Arturo Diaz says police were mounting an operation in the area where former Gov. Silverio Cavazos Ceballos was gunned down Sunday when the doctor was scared by the officers and ran.

Diaz told the Televisa network that police shot him when he ignored orders to stop.

Several police were detained.

Cavazos left office a year ago. He was killed outside his home in the capital city also called Colima. Economic Development Secretary Rafael Gutierrez Villalobos was wounded in the attack.

Diaz says the state has a sketch of one of the killers but no motives.

Full Story Here:
Mexico cops shoot doctor in hunt for gov’s killers

I try to keep my blog on the cutting edge of all things law enforcement, and I maintain some very good contacts in the field, confidential sources.

Those sources have just paid off!

The TexasFred Blog has a copy of the suspected killers likeness. In the interest of public safety, please share this with ALL of your contacts.

This vicious killer MUST be caught!

Mexican migrants should form convoys for safety

It’s the holiday season in America! Many will be going home for the holidays. Isn’t that such a sweet sentiment?

And what do we get here in Texas? Governor Perry supports sending troops to Mexico. As I have said previously, Rick Perry is a MORON.

I have long held that our border problems are easily fixed. It’s just going to take leaders, and a few citizens with the GUTS to actually make it happen. Border Report Calls for Military Response to Southern Border Crisis. And that my friends, is the solution. Militarize OUR southern border.

MEXICO CITY (AP) - The Mexican government is telling migrants driving home for the holidays that they should form convoys for their own safety while traveling through Mexico.

The Interior Department said the government could even provide escorts for such convoys to get them through dangerous areas. It said the Mexican army would assist in the program to help migrants return safely from the United States. Mexico is experiencing unprecedented levels of drug cartel violence in some border areas, making it dangerous to travel on some highways, particularly those in the Gulf coast state of Tamaulipas and some leading to the northern city of Monterrey.

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Mexico asks court to reject Ariz. immigration law

June 22nd, 2010 . by TexasFred

Mexico asks court to reject Ariz. immigration law

PHOENIX (AP) - Mexico is asking a federal court in Arizona to declare the state’s new immigration law unconstitutional.

Lawyers for Mexico on Tuesday submitted a legal brief in support of a lawsuit challenging the law.

The law generally requires police investigating another incident or crime to ask people about their immigration status if there’s a “reasonable suspicion” they’re in the country illegally.

It also makes being in Arizona illegally a misdemeanor, and it prohibits seeking day-labor work along the state’s streets.

Mexico says its interest in having consistent relations with the United States shouldn’t be frustrated by one state.

Mexico also says it has a legitimate interest in defending its citizens’ rights and that the law would lead to racial profiling.

Full Story Here:
Mexico asks court to reject Ariz. immigration law

Mexico can go pound sand in the desert, and they have plenty of it too. At what point did WE become responsible for Mexico? And what, exactly, does this mean, “Mexico also says it has a legitimate interest in defending its citizens’ rights”?

Mexico doesn’t give a DAMN about their citizens, and anyone stupid enough to enter Mexico illegally will soon find out that the words human rights are NOT in the Mexican vocabulary.

Watch this video, see what it is that we here in Texas, and certainly in other border states are up against.

We don’t have a President, a Senate, a Congress or a Governor that gives a damn about the Texas border.

Rick Perry, aka: Gov. Goodhair, only cares about his political future. He is almost as useless as his opponent, Houston Mayor Bill White, a sad excuse for a Texan if there ever was one. White was a big part of Houston becoming a sanctuary city for ILLEGALS.

Obama cedes parts of Arizona to Mexico, SOURCE. Where does it end? When does it end? And most importantly, HOW does it end?

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Gunmen attack governor’s convoy, kill guard

February 23rd, 2009 . by TexasFred

Gunmen attack governor’s convoy, kill guard

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico (AP) - Gunmen have attacked a convoy carrying the governor of a violence-wracked border state, killing one of his bodyguards and wounding two other agents.

It was not clear if the attackers were targeting Chihuahua Gov. Jose Reyes Baeza, but he canceled a trip Monday to meet with federal officials in Mexico City about security problems in his state, where hundreds have died in drug-related violence in recent months.

Baeza said gunmen in two cars fired high-powered weapons Sunday night at a vehicle two cars behind his in a convoy in the state capital, Chihuahua city. The two wounded agents were in stable condition on Monday and one of the attackers was hospitalized with a gunshot to the head. The other attackers fled.

Full Story Here:
Gunmen attack governor’s convoy, kill guard

I know that the Obama administration is going to do nothing unless there is an actual border incident in which many Americans, INNOCENT Americans, are killed, and even then I am not convinced that the Obama administration will do anything other than talk. Obama is NOT going to take the reins and actually LEAD this nation, that is pretty much a given I think.

George W. Bush did nothing to secure the U.S. border with Mexico, other than install some easily circumvented fencing. The National Guard troops that were authorized along the border were not armed security personnel, they were Engineering Companies, builders and construction people and they were there to propagate the belief that the Bush administration was actually doing something to protect American citizens IN the U.S.A., and it was ALL for show!

We, as Americans, have been, and are being led by a bunch of politically correct WIMPS that have no problems with sticking their noses into the business of nations half way around the world but balk in cowardice at the very thought of defending the sovereignty of this nation! I do NOT throw that accusation against Barack Obama alone, I include George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and even the great Ronald Reagan in this group.

I don’t know the feelings of people in other border states but I am well aware that there are people, great numbers of people, in the state of Texas that are ready to go to WAR along our border with Mexico. It is only a matter of time until Mexico explodes into a full blown civil war, they are on the verge of doing just that right now. Once it becomes an all out battle for political superiority in Mexico, it WILL get very nasty along the Texas border, and you can include New Mexico, Arizona and California in there as well, but my immediate concern is Texas.

Texans are truly the luckiest people on earth. We have some of the best gun laws in this nation, we are, for the most part, a well armed state. It is my guess that IF, and when Mexico does break out into open and violent civil war, the people of Texas will be openly carrying those weapons as they stand and defend what our federal government will NOT! I only hope that Governor Rick *Good Hair* Perry has the balls to immediately get in the fight himself!

I have been called a lot of things because of my belief that the Mexican border MUST be closed, I have been called a racist, but I have yet to see MEXICAN as a race, I believe it’s a nationality. I have been called a butcher for my saying that we must stop the invasion of this nation by ANY means necessary, even if that meant manning the border with heavily armed troops and shooting DEAD any that violate our sovereign soil! ANY that violate our borders!

That IS my belief, it will not change. I am wondering how those that brand ME a butcher will feel when South L.A. explodes and the gangsters decide to move into the more affluent, the nicer neighborhoods, and TAKE what they want? Do they expect that people like me will come running in to save the day? Guess again.

I, and many others, have been trying to warn the American people of this for several years now. Some have listened, some have prepared, others have shrugged their shoulders, called us names and gone on in their belief that ‘It just can’t happen here, not to me, not in MY neighborhood, we have LAWS, we have POLICE, the gangsters wouldn’t dare!’. Those individuals are wrong.

It can happen, and it quite likely will happen. Texans have fought Mexico before, and we won. We can, and WILL do it again. If the so-called leadership of this nation won’t stop the violence from spilling over to U.S. soil, then it’s going to be up to the good people of Texas to do so themselves.

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