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A Testament to the Power of Prayer

August 25th, 2009 . by TexasFred
A Testament to the Power of Prayer

My new grandson, Carson Ambrose. He doesn’t look like a preemie in the pics but he’s about 2.6 pounds right now.

Good news, he cries, really LOUD, his lungs are great!! He is on a tube feed for now but he is digesting his food and making poop.

That may be TMI for some folks, but it IS great news, Mom’s will understand, he is fully formed, he just too early, and he still looks good. If he had gone full term we could have taken him fishing!!

The latest word I have at this time, HE is stable, they are bringing Lisa out of the induced coma and she is holding her own, her oxygen sats are at 100% even though they have cut her flow.

Now they are weening her off of the drugs that put her in the induced coma, but she is, as I am told, *stable*.

Thank ALL of you for the prayers… Sometimes, thank you just isn’t enough, but my most sincere thanks to ALL of you!

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