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Nearly half of Mexican cops fail police tests

November 28th, 2008 . by TexasFred

Nearly half of Mexican cops fail police tests

MEXICO CITY (AP) - Almost half of Mexican police officers examined this year have failed background and security tests, a figure that rises to nearly 9 of 10 cops in the border state of Baja California, the government reported Thursday.

The number of officers scoring a “not recommendable” rating on the tests averaged 49 percent nationwide, well above the 42 percent who got a “recommendable” rating.

The tests - which involved lie detectors, drug tests, psychological profiling and tests of personal wealth, among other measures - were intended to root out corrupt, incompetent and unfit officers. The report did not break down how many officers failed each category.

In Baja California, home to the border city of Tijuana, some 89 percent of police tested failed, and only 4 percent were judged “recommendable.” Officers there have been periodically disarmed, detained and investigated by federal investigators and army troops on suspicion of aiding drug traffickers.

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Nearly half of Mexican cops fail police tests

Can you imagine the hue and cry of the American people if this were our standard? Can you imagine the actions that the NAACP, the ACLU and every other *civil rights* organization would take it this were the accepted level of professionalism of American police?

Mexico doesn’t hold their police to standards that OUR officers were held to 40 years ago, maybe even further back than that. The level of corruption seen among Mexican police has NEVER been approached by ANY department in the U.S.A., not even by the Chicago P.D. back in the Capone days!

I can understand the fact that there are some decent Mexican people that want to come to this nation simply to earn a decent living and better themselves, and given the level of corruption and sheer incompetence of their police, and truth be told, their army and their very government, I actually don’t blame them. Maybe they come here illegally because in Mexico, LEGAL itself is a moot point, legal, and it’s definition often have much to do with the amount of money you happen to have on you at the moment.

I spent 9 years in El Paso, working on BOTH sides of the border. The El Paso Police and El Paso County Sheriffs Dept were as top shelf as anyone could ask for. The cops on the Mexican side, Front Chih., Chihuahua State Police and Juarez City Police were an entirely different matter, and for the record, I was in El Paso from 1981 until 1990, Americans were not nearly as aware of the ILLEGAL invasion as they are today, but even then, Mexican corruption ran rampant, immigration laws were nonexistent.

Border Patrol did as good a job as they could, given their limited resources, they would round up the illegals and take them back to Juarez by the bus load. In most cases, a quick payoff to a Mexican official was made and the illegals were back in Texas before the Border Patrol bus that took them back was.

Fast forward to 2008, Mexico is even more corrupt, their economy is even worse than it was 25 or 30 years ago and our borders are no stronger. We still have *wetbacks* invading this nation in great numbers, and mixed with them, I am convinced, members of terror organizations that are bringing in guns, grenades and other explosives to use against us, the American people, at a time of their choosing. And that time is not too far in the future I believe.

Mexico is corruption personified, we can’t count on Mexico for anything, yet our borders are still incredibly porous, and with the incoming Obama administration, the borders will NOT be getting any stronger I am guessing. Americans had best be on guard, ever vigilant, we are now at a time in our history where the very survival of this nation is in jeopardy. Look to our current POTUS for some the basic reasons WHY, George Bush spent the last 8 years doing nothing to secure our border with Mexico. Look to his predecessors as well, no U.S. president has done much in the effort to secure our border since Operation Wetback in 1953.

With the obviously sad state of the Mexican police, and Mexico itself, if We, The People don’t make a stand soon, we won’t have anything left to stand for!!

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