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Reeling Mexico hopes travel deals bring back the tourists

October 31st, 2009 . by TexasFred

Reeling Mexico hopes travel deals bring back the tourists

During a visit to San Diego in April, Pratik and Priti Chavda thought they’d slip over the border into Tijuana just to do a little shopping, have a quick meal and say they had made it to Mexico. But upon hearing the plan, staffers at their hotel sounded the alarm.

“Swine flu! Drug cartels! Don’t go!” Pratik Chavda, 32, recalls them warning.

Six months later, the Chicago couple have finally made it south of the border, where they’re enjoying a meal of grilled shrimp with a panoramic view of a golden sunset. And they didn’t even have to wait for a table.

What started out as a gangbuster year, with international tourist arrivals up about 6% in the first quarter, came to a screeching halt in late April when Mexico became the first to report an outbreak of the H1N1 virus. The flu scare, coupled with news accounts of gruesome drug-related violence, caused visitors to stay away in droves. From April to June, tourist arrivals plummeted by more than 19% over the previous year.

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Reeling Mexico hopes travel deals bring back the tourists

I lived in El Paso many years ago. I did a lot of business on BOTH sides of the border. It was common to cross the border, go to Juarez and have dinner, drinks, do some shopping and so forth. But I’m talking about 25 or 30 years ago. I wouldn’t go to Juarez today for anyone.

I was in Nogales, AZ. about 22 years ago, a business trip, and a friend of mine wanted to go across the border to eat lunch. He claimed that there was a place he knew that had the best Chinese food you’ve ever eaten. He was RIGHT! It was delicious, and cheap too. We have several courses and drinks and spent about $6.00 each.

We were walking back to the border when the gunfire started. The Federales and some drug dealers were engaged in a running machine gun battle and it was coming our way. We broke into a dead run and were less than 50 yards from the border, screaming at the top of our lungs, “U.S. Citizens!” because INS and Border Patrol were in place, waiting for this gun battle to head their way and were in the process of shutting down that particular crossing.

Needless to say, we made it over the border, took cover behind some *Jersey Barriers* that were set up, and we waited. The Federales either caught the guys or killed them, the gun battle never made it that last city block to the border. And that was the last time I ever went to Mexico as a tourist.

It was also about the time I began to develop a serious attitude concerning border security and the HUGE influx of ILLEGALS we were seeing at the time. It was nothing compared to the surge of ILLEGALS today, but even 22 years ago, it was a concern for me. And sadly, nothing has been done, by ANY U.S. president to remedy this situation.

And then there’s this;

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Gunmen killed fifteen people on an isolated ranch in northern Mexico, including a prominent farmworker leader, in the latest grisly attack in an area overrun by drug gangs, local police said on Friday.

Margarito Montes, a well-known organizer of agricultural laborers, was among the bodies found riddled with bullets in trucks in the town of Hornos in southern Sonora, a state bordering the United States, a police spokesman said.

The cause of the crime was unknown but the killings had many of the hallmarks of hits by drug cartels, who often use automatic weapons to murder people in groups to send a message to rivals.

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Mexican police, migrant smugglers open fire: 2 die

August 5th, 2008 . by TexasFred

VERACRUZ, Mexico (AP) - Two people are dead after a shootout between Mexican police and smugglers driving a truck carrying illegal immigrants.

Police caught up with the truck near the town of Agua Dulce in southeast Mexico. The town’s police chief, Jose Atenedoro, says the smugglers then opened fire on officers, starting a shootout and car chase. The chase ended when the truck crashed into a ditch.

Gunfire killed two people, while about 30 of the 42 immigrants hidden in the truck were injured in the crash Monday. Both of the men killed were migrants.

The driver tried to escape, but was caught by police.

Officials say the immigrants were from Honduras, El Salvador and Ecuador.

Mexican police, migrant smugglers open fire: 2 die

Does this story throw up any *warning hackles* for you?? Surely the Mexican Police aren’t murdering racists??

Maybe the FBI needs to be informed. The Mexicans are killing illegal immigrants passing through Mexico en-route to the USA.

Recently I was threatened by a loony blog troll with being turned over to the FBI for making *hate speech* and racist remarks in my blog, and for inciting violence against the *poor downtrodden immigrants* that only want to make a better life for themselves. I think the premise was that I advocated shooting the ILLEGALS down on sight.

OK, lets make it easy on our poor overworked FBI guys and gals, this way they don’t have to scour my blog looking for what I said.

Round up and deport the ILLEGALS, they are called ILLEGAL for a reason. I have never said to *shoot ALL ILLEGALS on sight*, I have said to deport ALL ILLEGALS.

The part that gets the troll confused is this, the border control part. I DID say we need to man our borders with troops, National Guard troops, and I DID say those troops need to placed under orders to SHOOT TO KILL anything crossing our border at anything *other* than a LEGAL border crossing, and somehow, I thought that even a dimwit could grasp that part, I guess I was wrong.

If calling for the ILLEGALS that are invading our nation to be repelled by any means necessary makes me guilty of *HATE SPEECH*, well, there ya go, guilty as charged.

If by wanting to stand up and defend America I am guilty of what some perceive to be *HATE SPEECH*, well OK, I am guilty of *HATE SPEECH*.

And if by saying that I want to defend this nation and want to STOP the ILLEGALS that are raping this nation blind makes me a BAD American, call the FBI and tell em, TexasFred is a hate mongering bad American.

I know that’ll make their day… And by the way, I believe that my speech, in MY blog, is a protected right, I think it’s called the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution if I am not mistaken.

Unless the Constitution has been recently suspended I am allowed to speak my mind in my blog, it’s called FREE SPEECH, and those that would limit MY free speech are the true unAmericans and the danger to this nation that they would have others believe me to be.

EDIT TO ADD: See this link:
Old Style Texas Border Enforcement

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