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Lawmakers, Muslims criticize prince over comments

January 11th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Lawmakers, Muslims criticize prince over comments

LONDON (AP) – Lawmakers, Muslim groups and the Pakistani public criticized Prince Harry Sunday after a British newspaper published video footage of him using offensive and racist language.

Harry, third in line to the British throne and an army lieutenant, issued an apology on Saturday after the News of The World reported that he had used offensive terms to refer to people from Pakistan and people of Arab descent.

Britain’s opposition Conservative Party leader David Cameron said Harry’s comments undermined work to root out racism from the country’s armed forces. “It is obviously a completely unacceptable thing to say,” Cameron told the BBC.

Harry is purported to have made the remarks in 2006 during a visit to Cyprus to carry out training exercises with fellow military cadets. In the video, Harry is heard to refer to one colleague as “our little paki friend” – using a derogatory term for people of Pakistani origin.

Full Story Here:
Lawmakers, Muslims criticize prince over comments

You want to know WHY Great Britain isn’t any longer? Great that is?? People like Prince Harry are THE very reason that Great Britain is no longer *great*. Now before you go to thinking that I’ve turned over a new, and politically correct leaf, think again.

If Harry had referred to the Paki as a Paki, and left it at that, I would have had NO problem with it. *PAKI* isn’t a race, it’s a shortening of the name Pakistani. How in the hell can saying “our little paki friend” be construed as a racist remark?

People from Great Britain are often referred to as *BRITS*. Is calling an Englishman a *BRIT* racist? I use the screen name *TexasFred* and many of my friends shorten that and call me *TEX*. Is calling me *TEX* a racist reference? I don’t think so. I don’t take being called *TEX* as any kind of an insult, I’m from Texas, and I wear that name with pride.

In MY opinion, if the Paki’s consider the use of that name to be *racist*, they, as do many others, need to look up the REAL definition of the word RACIST! Calling someone from Pakistan a *Paki* may be a slur in the minds of *some*, but there again, those same people see EVIL when we refer to ILLEGAL Mexicans in this nation as *wet backs*. Those same people see evil when we call head scarf wearing individuals *ragheads*. I suppose calling the Palestinians *Pallies* is considered to be racist too now that I think about it. Well, racist to *some*.

Those are NOT racist remarks, not in MY opinion. They may be interpreted as slurs by some, but they are, basically, statements of name in fact. And once again I say, PCness will be the death of this nation.

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Mexican police, migrant smugglers open fire: 2 die

August 5th, 2008 . by TexasFred

VERACRUZ, Mexico (AP) – Two people are dead after a shootout between Mexican police and smugglers driving a truck carrying illegal immigrants.

Police caught up with the truck near the town of Agua Dulce in southeast Mexico. The town’s police chief, Jose Atenedoro, says the smugglers then opened fire on officers, starting a shootout and car chase. The chase ended when the truck crashed into a ditch.

Gunfire killed two people, while about 30 of the 42 immigrants hidden in the truck were injured in the crash Monday. Both of the men killed were migrants.

The driver tried to escape, but was caught by police.

Officials say the immigrants were from Honduras, El Salvador and Ecuador.

Mexican police, migrant smugglers open fire: 2 die

Does this story throw up any *warning hackles* for you?? Surely the Mexican Police aren’t murdering racists??

Maybe the FBI needs to be informed. The Mexicans are killing illegal immigrants passing through Mexico en-route to the USA.

Recently I was threatened by a loony blog troll with being turned over to the FBI for making *hate speech* and racist remarks in my blog, and for inciting violence against the *poor downtrodden immigrants* that only want to make a better life for themselves. I think the premise was that I advocated shooting the ILLEGALS down on sight.

OK, lets make it easy on our poor overworked FBI guys and gals, this way they don’t have to scour my blog looking for what I said.

Round up and deport the ILLEGALS, they are called ILLEGAL for a reason. I have never said to *shoot ALL ILLEGALS on sight*, I have said to deport ALL ILLEGALS.

The part that gets the troll confused is this, the border control part. I DID say we need to man our borders with troops, National Guard troops, and I DID say those troops need to placed under orders to SHOOT TO KILL anything crossing our border at anything *other* than a LEGAL border crossing, and somehow, I thought that even a dimwit could grasp that part, I guess I was wrong.

If calling for the ILLEGALS that are invading our nation to be repelled by any means necessary makes me guilty of *HATE SPEECH*, well, there ya go, guilty as charged.

If by wanting to stand up and defend America I am guilty of what some perceive to be *HATE SPEECH*, well OK, I am guilty of *HATE SPEECH*.

And if by saying that I want to defend this nation and want to STOP the ILLEGALS that are raping this nation blind makes me a BAD American, call the FBI and tell em, TexasFred is a hate mongering bad American.

I know that’ll make their day… And by the way, I believe that my speech, in MY blog, is a protected right, I think it’s called the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution if I am not mistaken.

Unless the Constitution has been recently suspended I am allowed to speak my mind in my blog, it’s called FREE SPEECH, and those that would limit MY free speech are the true unAmericans and the danger to this nation that they would have others believe me to be.

EDIT TO ADD: See this link:
Old Style Texas Border Enforcement

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