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Mexico cops shoot doctor in hunt for governors killers

November 22nd, 2010 . by TexasFred

Mexico cops shoot doctor in hunt for governors killers

MEXICO CITY (AP) - Mexican authorities say police accidentally killed a doctor in the Pacific state of Colima while looking for the assassins of an ex-governor.

State prosecutor Arturo Diaz says police were mounting an operation in the area where former Gov. Silverio Cavazos Ceballos was gunned down Sunday when the doctor was scared by the officers and ran.

Diaz told the Televisa network that police shot him when he ignored orders to stop.

Several police were detained.

Cavazos left office a year ago. He was killed outside his home in the capital city also called Colima. Economic Development Secretary Rafael Gutierrez Villalobos was wounded in the attack.

Diaz says the state has a sketch of one of the killers but no motives.

Full Story Here:
Mexico cops shoot doctor in hunt for gov’s killers

I try to keep my blog on the cutting edge of all things law enforcement, and I maintain some very good contacts in the field, confidential sources.

Those sources have just paid off!

The TexasFred Blog has a copy of the suspected killers likeness. In the interest of public safety, please share this with ALL of your contacts.

This vicious killer MUST be caught!

Mexican migrants should form convoys for safety

It’s the holiday season in America! Many will be going home for the holidays. Isn’t that such a sweet sentiment?

And what do we get here in Texas? Governor Perry supports sending troops to Mexico. As I have said previously, Rick Perry is a MORON.

I have long held that our border problems are easily fixed. It’s just going to take leaders, and a few citizens with the GUTS to actually make it happen. Border Report Calls for Military Response to Southern Border Crisis. And that my friends, is the solution. Militarize OUR southern border.

MEXICO CITY (AP) - The Mexican government is telling migrants driving home for the holidays that they should form convoys for their own safety while traveling through Mexico.

The Interior Department said the government could even provide escorts for such convoys to get them through dangerous areas. It said the Mexican army would assist in the program to help migrants return safely from the United States. Mexico is experiencing unprecedented levels of drug cartel violence in some border areas, making it dangerous to travel on some highways, particularly those in the Gulf coast state of Tamaulipas and some leading to the northern city of Monterrey.

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Reeling Mexico hopes travel deals bring back the tourists

October 31st, 2009 . by TexasFred

Reeling Mexico hopes travel deals bring back the tourists

During a visit to San Diego in April, Pratik and Priti Chavda thought they’d slip over the border into Tijuana just to do a little shopping, have a quick meal and say they had made it to Mexico. But upon hearing the plan, staffers at their hotel sounded the alarm.

“Swine flu! Drug cartels! Don’t go!” Pratik Chavda, 32, recalls them warning.

Six months later, the Chicago couple have finally made it south of the border, where they’re enjoying a meal of grilled shrimp with a panoramic view of a golden sunset. And they didn’t even have to wait for a table.

What started out as a gangbuster year, with international tourist arrivals up about 6% in the first quarter, came to a screeching halt in late April when Mexico became the first to report an outbreak of the H1N1 virus. The flu scare, coupled with news accounts of gruesome drug-related violence, caused visitors to stay away in droves. From April to June, tourist arrivals plummeted by more than 19% over the previous year.

Full Story Here:
Reeling Mexico hopes travel deals bring back the tourists

I lived in El Paso many years ago. I did a lot of business on BOTH sides of the border. It was common to cross the border, go to Juarez and have dinner, drinks, do some shopping and so forth. But I’m talking about 25 or 30 years ago. I wouldn’t go to Juarez today for anyone.

I was in Nogales, AZ. about 22 years ago, a business trip, and a friend of mine wanted to go across the border to eat lunch. He claimed that there was a place he knew that had the best Chinese food you’ve ever eaten. He was RIGHT! It was delicious, and cheap too. We have several courses and drinks and spent about $6.00 each.

We were walking back to the border when the gunfire started. The Federales and some drug dealers were engaged in a running machine gun battle and it was coming our way. We broke into a dead run and were less than 50 yards from the border, screaming at the top of our lungs, “U.S. Citizens!” because INS and Border Patrol were in place, waiting for this gun battle to head their way and were in the process of shutting down that particular crossing.

Needless to say, we made it over the border, took cover behind some *Jersey Barriers* that were set up, and we waited. The Federales either caught the guys or killed them, the gun battle never made it that last city block to the border. And that was the last time I ever went to Mexico as a tourist.

It was also about the time I began to develop a serious attitude concerning border security and the HUGE influx of ILLEGALS we were seeing at the time. It was nothing compared to the surge of ILLEGALS today, but even 22 years ago, it was a concern for me. And sadly, nothing has been done, by ANY U.S. president to remedy this situation.

And then there’s this;

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Gunmen killed fifteen people on an isolated ranch in northern Mexico, including a prominent farmworker leader, in the latest grisly attack in an area overrun by drug gangs, local police said on Friday.

Margarito Montes, a well-known organizer of agricultural laborers, was among the bodies found riddled with bullets in trucks in the town of Hornos in southern Sonora, a state bordering the United States, a police spokesman said.

The cause of the crime was unknown but the killings had many of the hallmarks of hits by drug cartels, who often use automatic weapons to murder people in groups to send a message to rivals.

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