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FBI: Mexicans chased away US agents after shooting

June 10th, 2010 . by TexasFred

FBI: Mexicans chased away US agents after shooting

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico (AP) - Pointing their rifles, Mexican security forces chased away U.S. authorities investigating the shooting of a 15-year-old Mexican by a U.S. Border Patrol agent on the banks of the Rio Grande, the FBI and witnesses told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

The killing of the Mexican by U.S. authorities - the second in less than two weeks - has exposed the distrust between the two countries that lies just below the surface, and has enraged Mexicans who see the death of the boy on Mexican soil as an act of murder.

Full Story Here:
FBI: Mexicans chased away US agents after shooting

I am going to graphically point something out for the bleeding hearts that DO read here but have never worn a uniform, carried a gun for a living or never became involved in a violent confrontation of ANY sort: The AP is a left wing hack source and they are playing on the sympathies OF the bleeding hearts.

Look at how the AP reference the dead Mexican a ‘the boy’. That’s a media ploy and an attempt to garner sympathy for the poor child that was brutally murdered by those vile Americans.

Anyone that has ever been in law enforcement, or in a combat situation in the military KNOWS that this is a FACT: A child can, and will, in many cases, kill you quicker than an adult. That is NOT a supposition, that, my friends is the truth.

Mexico’s government says the number of Mexicans injured by U.S. immigration authorities has increased this year.

May I make a suggestion? Keep your Mexican asses on YOUR side of the border and our mean old Immigration people won’t have to take issue with you. Stay in Mexico and all you have to worry about then is drug cartels and corrupt Mexican police, soldiers and public officials.

Shortly after the boy was shot, Mexican security forces arrived at the scene and pointed their guns at the Border Patrol agents across the riverbank while bystanders screamed insults and hurled rocks and firecrackers, FBI spokeswoman Andrea Simmons said. She said the agents were forced to withdraw.

“It pretty quickly got very intense over on the Mexican side,” she said, adding that FBI agents showed up later and resumed the investigation, even as Mexican authorities pointed guns at them from across the river.

In a perfect world, not one being run under the premise that we must maintain political correctness and diplomatic decorum at all times, but in a perfect world, one where Americans were actually allowed to dispatch threats to this nation, where OUR guys could have the freedom to do what Americans are supposed to do, remove ALL threats, and defend this nation against all enemies, this would NOT have taken place!

Simmons said the forces were soldiers, but Mexico’s Defense Secretary later released a statement saying soldiers were not present at the reported confrontation.

Enrique Torres, spokesman for the joint federal, state and municipal police operation in Chihuahua, said federal and local Mexican police were at the scene but not any soldiers.

Soldiers, Federales, state or local Mexican police, it makes NO difference, Mexicans with guns, pointed at U.S. Border Patrol and FBI Agents, is NOT going to be an acceptable happening to at least HALF of this nation. Of course the *other* half of this nation is either the aforementioned bleeding hearts or ILLEGALS that haven’t been deported yet. So, quite obviously, those are the readers that the AP is playing to with this particular story.

The Mexican authorities accused the Americans of trying to recover evidence from Mexican soil and threatened to kill them if they crossed the border, prompting both sides to draw their guns, said the 16-year-old boy who asked not to be further identified for fear of reprisal.

BULL SHIT! Uh wait, I have to be politically correct and racially sensitive. TORO CACA!

A U.S. official close to the investigation told the AP that authorities have a video showing that the Border Patrol agent did not cross into Mexico. In fact, the official said, the video shows what appear to be members of Mexican law enforcement crossing onto the U.S. side, picking something up and returning to Mexico. The official was not cleared to speak about the video and spoke only on condition of anonymity.

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Fear grips immigrants after Miss. plant raid

August 27th, 2008 . by TexasFred
Fear grips immigrants after Miss. plant raid
LAUREL, Miss. - A day after the largest single-workplace immigration raid in U.S. history, Elizabeth Alegria was too scared to send her son to school and worried about when she’d see her husband again.

Nearly 600 immigrants suspected of being in the country illegally were detained, creating panic among dozens of families in this small southern Mississippi town.

Alegria, 26, a Mexican immigrant, was working at the Howard Industries transformer plant Monday when U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents stormed in. When they found out she has two sons, ages 4 and 9, she was fitted with a bracelet and told to appear in federal court next month. But her husband, Andres, wasn’t so lucky.

“I’m very traumatized because I don’t know if they are going to let my husband go and when I will see him,” Alegria said through a translator Tuesday as she returned to the Howard Industries parking lot to retrieve her sport utility vehicle.

The superintendent of the county school district said about half of approximately 160 Hispanic students were absent Tuesday.

Full Story Here:
Fear grips immigrants after Miss. plant raid

Well Boo freaking Hoo, the ILLEGALS are all afraid because those mean old ICE Officers came in and did their job. It just breaks my heart. Poor little Pedro and Juan didn’t sleep well and couldn’t hold down a breakfast burrito worried that Papasito might not ever come back.

Does it sound as if I am a bit calloused to the plight of the ILLEGAL?? If it does, it’s probably because I am. More than a bit calloused actually. I have been blogging for over 2 years now and the entire time I have had immigration, ILLEGAL immigration, as one of my hot button topics.

There are many real Americans in this nation that see nothing wrong with the influx of ILLEGALS that IS crippling this nation. And it’s not just those that claim to be libbers, there’s been a few folks that champion the cause of the ILLEGAL INVADERS that claim to be Conservatives.

Now there is no way that any REAL Conservative would do such a thing so we know that their claims of American Conservatism are lies, but none the less, these folks take the side of the ILLEGAL INVADER and denigrate, as well as threaten those of us that have the GALL to call for hard action against these individuals.

I am all for deportation of all ILLEGALS. I am all for a full militarization of our borders. I am all for shooting ANYTHING or ANYONE that crosses our border at anything other than a LEGAL border crossing. I don’t care what happens to the invaders of our nation, I simply don’t care. They are an infestation and we need to call in Super Orkin for a bit of pest control!

But we need to do it soon, otherwise I don’t suppose it matters too much anymore, after the next election we’re going to have an amnesty approving POTUS, no matter which way the election falls, and the ILLEGALS won’t be ILLEGAL too much longer. They’re going to become the new voting block that keeps the Dems and Dem Lite, the Republicans, in office.

Some folks seriously need to consider this: they are called ILLEGALS for a reason, “No man is above the law and no man is below it: nor do we ask any man’s permission when we ask him to obey it.” ~Theodore Roosevelt~

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Border Patrol agent wounds man near Mexican border

August 13th, 2008 . by TexasFred
Border Patrol agent wounds man near Mexican border

SAN YSIDRO, Calif. (AP) - Authorities say a U.S. Border Patrol agent shot and wounded a man throwing rocks at agents near the U.S.-Mexico border in the San Diego area.

San Diego police Sgt. Kerry Tom says a group who had crossed to the U.S. side threw rocks at agents Tuesday night. Tom says the agents tried unsuccessfully to disperse the crowd by firing pepper balls.

One man was hit and fled into Mexico. He was found at a hospital and arrested by Mexican authorities. Details on his condition were not available.

A message left with a Border Patrol spokesman Wednesday morning was not returned.

Border Patrol agent wounds man near Mexican border


Heavier weapons for our Border Patrol Agents.

Continued marksmanship training for our Border Patrol Agents.

More Border Patrol Agents, with heavier weapons.

Did I mention heavier weapons?

Free Ramos and Compean, reinstate them, give THEM heavier weapons and better marksmanship training.

Any Border Patrol Agent that *wounds* an attacker must spend at least 40 hours *on the range* learning better *shot placement* with his heavier weapon.

A *Heavier weapon* would be defined as a handgun, the caliber of which is NO LESS than a .40, preferably even larger, for example, a .41 Magnum, a .44 Magnum, a .45ACP or, for the truly serious Border Patrol Agent, a Desert Eagle .50 or an S&W .500.

Any of these *heavier weapons* would seriously negate the need to report *wounded* attackers and should result in more reports of *dead INVADERS*.

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