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Democrats hold cautious hope of capturing Hutchison’s Senate seat

February 12th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Democrats hold cautious hope of capturing Hutchison’s Senate seat

WASHINGTON – The Democrats’ top Senate campaign strategist said his party has an eye on Kay Bailey Hutchison’s seat – but not too close an eye.

“No place is a bridge too far for Democrats,” said New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, briefing reporters this afternoon on the 2010 electoral playing field.

The contests bode well for his party, Menendez said. He ticked off five states where GOP senators have announced they won’t seek another term, creating especially good opportunities for Democrats: Florida, Ohio, Kansas, Missouri and New Hampshire.

Menendez didn’t put Texas on the list, even though Hutchison is giving up her Senate seat to run for governor and says she may leave by the end of this year.

“I didn’t mention Texas because until we have an opening, we don’t have an opening,” Menendez said. “But I take Kay Bailey Hutchison at her word, which is that she intends to run for governor and that she intends to resign her seat. If that happens we will have a great candidate in Texas.”

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Democrats hold cautious hope of capturing Hutchison’s Senate seat

I just hope that ALL Republicans remember, Kay Bailey Hutchison voted FOR the 1st bailout and she was a HUGE supporter of the Immigrant Dream Act and is not a strong supporter of border security.

Citation: Congress OKs historic bailout bill, Hutchison on defensive over border fence and Immigrant ‘Dream’ Act Fails Key Senate Vote

Rick Perry may not be perfect but Kay Bailey Hutchison is far from perfect as well.

The Democrats DO have a golden opportunity here, but yesterday the story was that Kinky Friedman may run for Governor again, as a Democrat. If the Dems hope to have ANY chance they are going to have to get SERIOUS, place Texas and the wishes OF Texans 1st, support Conservative issues and not run some moonbat comic or wannabe pundit.

Voters today are more well informed than at any time in history, and even given that fact, strange things DO happen, look at the Oval Office. This Senate seat is the Republicans to lose. They lost the White House by allowing a non-Conservative RINO to be POTUS for 8 years. The RNC gave away the White House in 2008 by nominating and running an angry old RINO, a guy that is a hell of a lot closer to being a Dem than he EVER was to being a Republican or a Conservative.

The Republicans can either get their act together or this nation will continue to suffer at the hands of the most outrageous Dem/Libbers that have surfaced to date.

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