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Ariz. officer sues over immigration law

April 30th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Ariz. officer sues over immigration law

PHOENIX — Anger mounted Thursday over an Arizona law cracking down on illegal immigration as a police officer filed one of the first lawsuits challenging the law and activists gathered outside an Arizona Diamondbacks game at Wrigley Field in Chicago, chanting “Boycott Arizona.”

The lawsuit from 15-year Tucson police veteran Martin Escobar is one of two filed Thursday, less than a week after Republican Gov. Jan Brewer signed the law that’s sparked fears it will lead to racial profiling despite the governor’s vow that officers will be properly trained. Read his complaint here.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has said the federal government may challenge the law, which requires local and state law enforcement to question people about their immigration status if there’s reason to suspect they’re in the country illegally, and makes it a state crime to be in the United States illegally.

Escobar, an overnight patrol officer in a heavily Latino area of Tucson, argues there’s no way for officers to confirm people’s immigration status without impeding investigations, and that the new law violates numerous constitutional rights.

Full Story Here:
Ariz. officer sues over immigration law

Officer Escobar? Surely there’s no ethnic loyalty here? Is there? Surely he’s not against this law because he himself is a Hispanic? Of course not, what a silly supposition on my part! Surely he’s not against this law because he believes it could cause problems for some of his friends or his family? No…

What am I thinking? An Hispanic officer files suit against a law that HE feels is unfair in its written intent, a law that only mirrors the laws that our federal government won’t enforce, a law that he feels, through his vast knowledge of constitutional law is unconstitutional, and there’s no ethnic influence involved in his thinking? Yeah, that sounds about right…

The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders also filed a lawsuit Thursday, and is seeking an injunction preventing authorities from enforcing the law. The group argues federal law pre-empts state regulation of national borders, and that Arizona’s law violates due process rights by letting police detain suspected illegal immigrants before they’re convicted.

Here we go again, some of those dumber than a bag of dog crap bleeding hearts crying about due process and detention before conviction.

Let me ask those bleeding hearts this ONE question: Do you need a conviction to know that the guy that just broke into your home is an INVADER? And that guy is there to do YOU and YOUR family harm? Do you need a court of law to make that decision for you?

I have heard people say that they would NOT defend their homes. I have heard it said that they would give the invaders anything they wanted just to placate them in hopes of no bodily harm happening to themselves or their family.

That’s exactly what this National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders is saying. Turn the other cheek. Let the INVADERS have what they want, maybe then they’ll just move on to a new target and leave us alone.

That’s NOT what’s going to happen. Read the declarations of La Raza and Aztlan, you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about RACISM and violence against anyone that is NOT a Hispanic. What is Aztlan, Raza, and MEChA

Look at what the Hispanic drug cartels are doing to each other in Mexico, and to any Hispanic, or any other ethnicity for that matter, that happens to be caught in the line of fire. That my friends is exactly what is going to happen right here in the USA if we don’t stop this INVASION, enforce the laws of this land, and deport ALL illegals, Hispanic or otherwise.

“Mexican-Americans are not going to take this lying down,” singer Linda Ronstadt, a Tucson native, said at a state Capitol news conference on another lawsuit planned by the American Civil Liberties Union, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the National Immigration Law Center.

Linda Ronstadt? I didn’t know she was still alive. :?

Well Linda, let me say this, when you drop the Mexican from American, you may have some credibility, but as it stands right now, you’re just another supporter of illegals and that makes you an accessory TO their illegal actions! The hyphenated American thing is costing you. They, and YOU Linda, are either American, or you are not!

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Mexican drug cartels target bystanders

July 30th, 2008 . by TexasFred

GUAMUCHIL, Mexico - The three teenagers started their big weekend singing “Happy Birthday” to the parish priest.

The next day, they prayed for hours with their church youth group, then went on to a quinceañera, Mexico’s archetypal 15th-birthday celebration. As the party wound down, they talked their parents into letting them go for a late-night cruise down the main drag in Guamuchil, a Saturday night ritual in this sleepy market town, friends and family say.

During that cruise, investigators believe the teens inadvertently blocked drug cartel assassins in hot pursuit of their enemies. Once police arrived in the wee hours of July 13, the assassins were gone but the three teens and a 12-year-old girl who was riding with them lay dead in their cars. Four others — another teenager and three adults — were dead in nearby cars. There were 539 bullet casings on the ground.

The killings here — a massacre of eight people who were not suspected of drug-trafficking ties — punctuated a vicious turn in Mexico’s drug war, a savage conflict between rival cartels and the federal government that has taken more than 7,000 lives in the past 2 1/2 years.

Full Story Here:
Mexico’s drug cartels target bystanders

I am of the opinion that it is only a matter of time until this violence spills over to our streets right here in the USA.

The gangs are in place, our borders are wide open and the invaders and gang members are still pouring in, more and more every day. Basically unimpeded.

I’m an America 1st kind of guy, I believe in protecting this nation, OUR nation, and I am of the belief that we MUST close our border with Mexico, seal it. I also believe that we MUST place troops along that border, National Guard troops, and we must allow those troops free reign. *Shoot to KILL*, anyone crossing that border at anything other than a legal border crossing.

And I make no apology to ANYONE for taking that stance.

But because OF that stance I am called a racist, a NAZI, a hate monger, and an extreme right winger by a contributing writer at Real Clear Politics.

I want to make this VERY clear to all the folks that have been reading here from the link at Real Clear Politics, if my beliefs as to the way we need to protect America offend you, click the *X* up there at the top right of the screen and LEAVE. And don’t come back. I don’t NEED, nor do I want your kind of patronage.

If my wanting to protect this nation from the hordes of invaders offends you, if it makes you think I am a racist, then YOU are not a person I care to be associated with in any way. LEAVE, and don’t come back to this blog. I am NOT about to change my beliefs to suit YOU or any RINO, faux intellectual, over educated, under employed, career frustrated, so-called professor at some 5th rate community college.

Aztlan wants about 1/3 of this nation as theirs, not as a part of the USA, but as a nation of Aztlan, not the United States. They feel it is owed to then, that it was stolen from them by the Gringos, and they want it back.

We can fight now, or we can fight later, if there’s any of you out their that have the balls to fight and defend your homes.

The USA is our home, and if some of us don’t have the balls to stand and defend her, we won’t be long in losing our home, and anyone that doesn’t have the fortitude to stand and defend this nation can kiss my assumed to be racist, NAZI, hate mongering, and extreme right winger ass.

Does that spell it out well enough for you Donnie?

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