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13 Dead in Upstate New York Immigration Center Shooting Rampage

April 3rd, 2009 . by TexasFred

13 Dead in Upstate New York Immigration Center Shooting Rampage

DEVELOPING: Thirteen people are dead after a gunman opened fire at an immigration center in Binghamton, N.Y.

The shooter was identified as a local resident of Asian descent named Jiverly Voong. There were conflicting reports as to whether he was 41 or 42. Local authorities told The Associated Press he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Voong blocked the back door of the building with his car, then stormed in through the front entrance while firing a high-powered gun. Several people were taken hostage.

The bloodbath killed 12 people plus the gunman, who also goes by the name of Linh Phat Voong and lived in the Binghamton suburb of Johnson City.

Voong wore a bright green nylon jacket and dark-rimmed glasses as he executed victim after victim, according to local media. His body was found on first floor with a hunting knife jammed into the waistband of his pants, the reports said.

Story Here:
13 Dead in Upstate New York Immigration Center Shooting Rampage

There are many questions to be answered here. What spurred this guy, Jiverly Voong, to commit such a heinous crime? Why did he go on a rampage against a civic center, the American Civic Association? It appears that this group only serves one purpose, to help immigrants become legal citizens and learn English.

Was there a personal connection? A person or persons that Voong believed had perhaps done him a disservice? Was there a more personal perceived wrong? A love interest perhaps? Were his actions directed against the immigration process in general?

There is still a lot of confusion in the MSM, they are trying to sort out the facts, and one source is saying that Voong is of Vietnamese decent. That itself presents a reasonable question, was Voong a LEGAL citizen of the USA? Was he perhaps a disgruntled seeker of citizenship? At the moment it’s all speculation, I am sure the facts will come out in the next few days.

There is one thing that IS a certainty, the gun grabbers will try to turn this into an anti-guns rant and use it as another tool in their battle to take guns out of the hands of legal, sane and responsible Americans!

I have been ridiculed by a few for MY stance on shooting ILLEGAL INVADERS as they cross the border, nothing in this has changed my opinion of ILLEGALS. These folks were immigrants, NOT invaders, they were trying to do the right thing.

That is the part of this thing that truly makes me sick…

Watch the comments section of this post for new updates!

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7 residents, nurse die in NC nursing home shooting

March 29th, 2009 . by TexasFred

7 residents, nurse die in NC nursing home shooting

CARTHAGE, N.C. (AP) - A gunman burst into a North Carolina nursing home Sunday morning and started “shooting everything,” killing seven residents and a nurse and wounding at least three others.

Robert Stewart, 45, of Moore County, was charged hours later with eight counts of first-degree murder and a single charge of felony assault of a law enforcement officer. Authorities offered few other details, allowing only that Stewart was not a patient or an employee at the nursing home, and isn’t believe to be related to any of the victims.

“It’s a horrible event in any size town, particularly, though, when you deal with a small town such as Carthage,” said Police Chief Chris McKenzie. “It’s hard. This is my home, my small town. I was born and raised here so, yeah, I take it to heart a little bit. All you can do is move forward.”

Authorities said Stewart began his rampage around 10 a.m. at Pinelake Health and Rehab, a nursing home in the North Carolina Sandhills about 60 miles southwest of Raleigh. A police officer, 25-year-old Justin Garner, was also wounded before Stewart was shot and apprehended.

Sen. Harris Blake, a Moore County Republican, said six people were killed at the scene and two died later at a hospital in nearby Pinehurst. He said sheriff’s officials told him that Stewart “comes in and just starts shooting everything around.”

Full Story Here:
7 residents, nurse die in NC nursing home shooting

What in the HELL is wrong with people? Not 3 weeks ago we had this, At least 10 dead in two-town Alabama shooting spree and now some nutcase walk in to a nursing home and starts shooting up the old folks and a nurse?

I wrote about the Alabama shooting, The Alabama Shootings - An Op/Ed from TexasFred, and I have stated on numerous occasions, no one in their right mind does something like this. These are NOT the actions of sane and responsible people. These are the actions of individuals that have gone over the edge, whatever that edge may be, and they took out their hostilities and frustrations on innocent people.

To the families of the deceased, I am truly sorry, terribly sorry for your loss. I hope you can find it in your hearts to not hold this against the millions of responsible gun owners in the USA, and I hope you don’t blame the NRA and everyone connected to it for this tragedy. That does seem to be the popular theme of late, a mass murder takes place and automatically the responsible gun owners take a huge hit and are ALL somehow held responsible.

I don’t want to sound like one of the ‘Tin-Foil’ conspiracy theorists, but damn, I am seriously starting to wonder if there isn’t a bigger agenda at work here than some idiot losing his mind and going on a shooting spree. The Attorney General of this nation is an avowed gun hater and gun grabber, as is the president, regardless of his hollow words to the contrary.

If I didn’t know better, I would be thinking that there is some kind of ‘plot‘ afoot, a scheme being put to work in this nation to make all of the legal, sane and responsible gun owners of the USA look like ‘bad guys’. I would almost think that AG Holder’s fine hand, or that of his minions, could be found at work here, if you were to look deep enough, if the truth were to ever surface. You know, if I were one of those highly suspicious conspiracy theorists…

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Parolee in Oakland police shootings linked to rape

March 24th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Parolee in Oakland police shootings linked to rape

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The parolee who killed three Oakland police officers and left a fourth brain-dead over the weekend had been tentatively linked by DNA evidence to a rape the day before the shootings, authorities said.

Oakland police spokesman Jeff Thomason confirmed a report on the San Francisco Chronicle’s Web site on Monday night that DNA from an unsolved rape in Oakland in February was a probable match to that of 26-year-old Lovelle Mixon.

Investigators got that information Friday, the day before Mixon opened fire on the officers following a routine traffic stop. Mixon is the primary suspect in the rape and is being investigated to see if there are any connections to other rapes, Thomason said.

Thomason said further tests would need to be done on the DNA in question to make sure it is a solid match.

Full Story Here:
Parolee in Oakland police shootings linked to rape

This recent tragedy in Oakland screams for justice. I don’t mean vigilante justice, I doubt that the California born and bred, latte sipping, politically correct, tree hugging asshats would dare to engage in such an activity to begin with. The justice needs to take place on the judicial and legislative level. The question needs to be answered, WHY was this ANIMAL, Lovelle Mixon, out on parole to begin with.

His family, according to his cousin, is just ‘crushed’ and ‘devastated’ by this, Lovelle wasn’t, again, according to his family, a ‘monster’, he was just a boy gone wrong and was afraid of going back to jail. To these family members I say, BULL SHIT! He WAS a monster and now he’s DEAD, and this world is much better off.

“Mixon was certainly a character that needed more supervision,” said Brown, the former mayor of Oakland. “In Oakland, the highway patrol has an office there, sheriff and police. And all those agencies should have a list of the more dangerous, threatening parolees so they can keep a watch on them.”

I know that from time to time a BAD guy can slip through the cracks in the criminal justice system, but IF the California police, all agencies, have a list of the more dangerous, threatening parolees, why in the hell are they parolees? Silly me, I was under the assumption that to gain parole an offender had to have exhibited at least some rehabilitation and remorse, and was to have been deemed as NOT being a danger to society?

Sacramento, CA (AP) - Nearly 5,000 California parolees — including hundreds of sex offenders and those convicted of violent felonies — have been released from supervision without proper review, according to a state audit released Tuesday. Calif. parolees released without proper review

In my mind that speaks volumes concerning the justice system in the state of California. I am NOT intentionally picking on or singling out California, but this is a blatant act on their part, one that endangers many of their law abiding citizens, citizens that are, for the most part, barred from owning the proper firearms to protect themselves.

How Mixon got the guns, including an assault weapon, used in the shootings has not been disclosed.

Why, I thought everyone knew? He went to a gun show in Arizona or Texas, got his weapons in an under the table deal because he was honest with some guy selling guns out of the back of a pickup behind the gun show. He told the guy he was a wannabe gangster, had done time in the joint and couldn’t buy a gun inside the show and that he was planning on killing him a bunch of PIGS to build his street creds and get some respect.

Yeah, quite likely just to build his street creds and earn some respect from his Bro’s in the ‘hood, I mean, after all, he wasn’t a ‘monster‘, his cousin said so!

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