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Introduction of Border Security Bill

April 29th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Introduction of Border Security Bill

After my recent visit and briefing on border violence in El Paso, I introduced legislation yesterday to help keep border communities safe, strengthen the morale and effectiveness of state and local law enforcement officers, and send a message to cartels that Americans will not give in to violence.

For many in Washington, border violence is merely a talking point, but for those who live along our southern border it has become a fact of life. Talk is cheap, but talk means nothing until we follow through and deliver the tangible resources our law enforcement needs to keep border residents safe. Our government has abdicated its responsibility when it comes to border security for far too long, leaving state and local taxpayers no choice but to pick up the slack to protect communities from cartel, gang violence, and cross-border trafficking. This bill will require the federal government to do its job.

Based largely on input from local law enforcement officers near the Texas border, I introduced The Southern Border Security Assistance Act to create a $300 million border grant program for state and local law enforcement within 100 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border, which will help quickly provide resources to purchase equipment, upgrade critical information systems, and hire additional officers. The bill also requires additional federal judges to handle the caseload from increased criminal prosecutions along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The new border security bill creates an expedited grant review and award process to give state and local law enforcement entities an immediate infusion of resources to support border enforcement activities. Under the bill, state, county, city agencies and sheriff departments can apply for grant funding to purchase border monitoring equipment, communications technologies, night-viewing cameras, laptops, vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, and helicopters. In addition to equipment, the bill also authorizes the use of grant funds to hire and train personnel in prosecuting drug trafficking, providing administrative support, dispatchers, jailers, and cover overtime expenses. The bill also authorizes funds to hire additional judges for southwest border districts that handle significant criminal caseloads.

Full Story Here:
Introduction of Border Security Bill

Out of curiosity Sen. Cornyn, where in the HELL have YOU been for the last 7 years of your term Sir?

You Senator, and your cohort in pandering, Kay Bailey Hutchison, act like this is something that just came up. You act like all of a sudden you’re a Texas patriot, a protector of the people, a man of character, one that would *stand the walls* with Texans that have been in a fight for their lives for a lot more years than YOU have been a Senator!

Texans have been seeking federal intervention for too long Senator. It’s a bit suspicious that all of a sudden, the day that two Texas State representatives announce plans to draft a bill similar to the one now giving ILLEGALS nightmares in Arizona, it’s a bit odd that you, in your quest to protect the citizens of Texas, decided to impart your wisdom on us and come to our rescue the day after.

Even the most gullible Republican couldn’t possible perceive this as genuine concern!

Sen. Cornyn, we ALL know politics when we see it. We ALL see you jumping on a band wagon.

I asked the question that most matters to me, WHERE in the HELL have you been for the last 7 years Sir? This border security thing didn’t just pop up on the radar screen. This is an issue that has plagued Texas for years Sir! And what have you, or Hutchison done?

Here’s a few examples:

Sen. John Cornyn is NOT a CONSERVATIVE

Cornyn: border fence won’t happen, just a “symbolic gesture”

Cornyn is for Bush bailout and whatever else Bush wants

Immigrant ‘Dream’ Act Fails Key Senate Vote

Senator, we ALL know that the wheels of the legislative process turn very slowly in Washington, for crying out loud, it’s going to be January before the Texas Legislative session begins again. Passing bills, proposing laws, that’s all well and good, WHAT in the HELL are you prepared to do? RIGHT NOW?

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Berman plans immigration bill similar to Arizona law

April 28th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Berman plans immigration bill similar to Arizona law

AUSTIN – State Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, will introduce immigration legislation comparable to a law recently enacted in Arizona, according to an aide.

Rep. Berman, who is traveling in Europe, authorized the aide to respond to KVUE News’ request for information regarding his plans for the 82nd Legislative Session which begins in January 2011.

According to the aide, Berman said his bill will be similar to the Arizona law, specifically the provision which requires local law enforcement agencies in the state to check the immigration status of individuals who they suspect of being in the United States illegally.

While the bill is expected to look a lot like the Arizona law, at least one group of Texas lawmakers notes that the Texas Legislature is very different that the Arizona Legislature.

Full Story Here:
Aide: Texas rep. plans immigration bill similar to Arizona law

I know it’s a long shot, but it sure would be nice if Rep. Joe Driver got behind this too, it might make some of us think a lot better of him!

I know we had words in the past Joe, but this could go a long ways towards making things a lot better… I mean, since I know you’re reading here. Just sayin’…

State Rep. Solomon Ortiz, D-Corpus Christi, serves as the treasurer of the Mexican American Legislative caucus and said Berman’s bill will face a very different political reality here in Texas.

“The public that knows Leo will know this isn’t the first time he’s filed related or similar legislation,” he said. “The Mexican American Legislative Caucus is almost a third of the Texas House, so the prospects of something like this passing the Texas House is very slim.”

First, Ortiz is, obviously, a Hispanic. That’s pretty much a given. Second, Ortiz is one of those “dumber than a bag of dog crap” Hispanics that places the idea of being a Mexican-American above the idea of being an AMERICAN, a LEGAL American.

Oh, I’m fairly certain that Ortiz himself is legal, that’s not what I’m saying, but like most of the Hispanics that are against the new law in Arizona, and against it being implemented elsewhere, Ortiz automatically assumes that the word ILLEGAL means Hispanic. It does not, but many not too terribly intelligent folks have a guilty conscience or something, they don’t see that ILLEGAL means ANYONE that’s here illegally, they, for some reason take it personally, as if it’s an affront to them that a state, or a nation, would actually want to enforce the laws of the land.

Ortiz isn’t too smart either, not in MY opinion. He says, “The Mexican American Legislative Caucus is almost a third of the Texas House”. Ortiz needs to stop and think before he speaks. Almost a third? Almost? Does he not realize that “almost a third” is a losing proposition when it comes time to vote?

Ortiz’ prediction doesn’t please Texas voters like Kelly Clark who grew up in Arizona and now lives in Leander.

“I’m an American. I pay taxes. I want people to know if there is somebody here that’s going to get paid to, basically, take money out of my mouth,” he said.

Clark dismissed worries over possibly requiring local Texas law enforcement agencies to enforce federal immigration statutes.

“I think law enforcement should be upholding all of it,” he said. “I don’t think the law should change from one location to another.”

I am as likely to be asked my citizenship as is anyone else in this state. You see, here’s what the people making all the noise don’t want you to hear, police are NOT going to be *on the hunt* for ILLEGALS.

Our police will only ask you about your citizenship IF, I repeat, IF you have been stopped for some legitimate reason. The color of your skin will have absolutely nothing to do with you being asked about your legality. You will have been stopped, detained, questioned, whatever the case may be, for reasons other than American citizenship!

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Vandals leave Swastikas, beans at Capitol

April 26th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Vandals leave Swastikas, beans at Capitol

The conflict over a sweeping crackdown on illegal immigration in Arizona intensified Monday as vandals smeared refried beans in the shape of swastikas on the state Capitol’s windows.

More protests were planned Monday after thousands gathered this weekend to demonstrate against a bill that will make it a state crime to be an illegal immigrant in Arizona.

Full Story Here:
Arizona immigration law: Vandals leave Swastikas, beans at Capitol

OK, I gotta say it, these illegals, and their supporters, are dumber than a bag of dog poop!

They don’t have the vaguest idea that there’s a difference between RACE and ETHNICITY. They are crying about this racist law. RACIST law! You see, I can’t get anyone to show me, anywhere, that ILLEGAL is defined as a race.

ILLEGAL is a term applied to something that is against the law. I suppose, given these clowns definition of a racist, apparently every law enforcement officer (LEO) in the USA is a racist.

It appears that there is a large group of Hispanics that believe they are about to be unfairly targeted, about to be forced to prove that they are here in the USA legally. Well, pay very close attention mi amigos, I am a dark complexioned gringo, I had dark hair and beard when I was younger and I have been, on MANY occasions, assumed to be a Hispanic by folks that ARE! I had to explain, more than once, that a Cajun isn’t a Spanish speaker.

I lived in El Paso, Texas for 9 years, I can’t tell you the number of times I had Spanish speakers come up to me and start rattling off in their native lingo. I don’t speak much Spanish, I can order a beer, a plate of fajitas, nachos, some enchiladas and tortillas, but that’s about it.

I have, on occasion, had a Border Patrol agent ask me my citizenship. As soon as I opened my mouth and answered, they said, “Thank you Sir, have a great day!” and I was on my way.

Opponents say the law will lead to rampant racial profiling and turn Arizona into a police state with provisions that require police to question people about their immigrant status if they suspect they are here illegally. Day laborers can be arrested for soliciting work if they are in the U.S. illegally, and police departments can be sued if they don’t carry out the law.

And this presents a problem?? How?? If I may ask?

If these day laborers are ILLEGALS, well, I guess that’s the breaks, adios, via con dios, and don’t come back until you have a Green Card pinche pendejo!

OK, so I picked up a little bit of Spanish living in El Paso, and in Texas for the biggest part of my life… :P

And before I forget it, they smeared refried beans in the shape of swastikas on the windows of the state Capitol? Not only is that a highly immature waste of refried beans, but wouldn’t that be a very denigrating act if a pinche gringo had done it? And to connect it to NAZI Germany too? I really don’t know what these people hope to accomplish with that move…

But supporters of the law, set to take effect in late July or August, say it is necessary to protect Arizonans from a litany of crimes committed by illegal immigrants. Arizona is home to an estimated 460,000 illegal immigrants.

You will notice, Arizona is NOT trying to single out ANY group in particular, other than illegals, so, I have to ask, are ALL of these protesters ILLEGAL? Do they have a guilty conscience? Are they afraid that they will be held to the law of the land? Is that the problem?

I can’t find anything written anywhere that indicates Arizona saying, “We are going to detain and question all Hispanic looking people”, what I see is a law that states an officer, in the course of his/her duties, will ask you if you are a legal resident of this nation, no matter WHO you are or what you look like.

How hard can it be? If you’re legal, you’re legal, if you’re NOT legal, you’re a lawbreaking criminal and woe be unto you and yours!

Arizona officers would arrest people found to be undocumented and turn them over to federal immigration officers. Opponents said the federal government can block the law by refusing to accept them.

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Arizona law sparks debate in El Paso

April 26th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Arizona law sparks debate in El Paso

EL PASO — The Mexican consul’s office in El Paso issued a statement criticizing the new Arizona measure that requires local police to enforce immigration laws.

The consul’s statement reflects the Mexican federal government’s position on the controversial law.

“Although the Mexican government recognizes the sovereign rights of all countries to decide policies that apply in their own territories, nevertheless, we cannot remain indifferent over a law like (Arizona) Senate Bill 1070, which has the potential to affect the human rights of thousands of Mexican people,” the statement said.

“Criminalization is not the way to resolve the phenomenon of undocumented immigration … The Mexican government will use its resources to defend the rights and dignity of Mexicans in Arizona.”

Full story Here:
Arizona law sparks debate in El Paso

Debate in El Paso is great, I want debate, and immediate action, in AUSTIN!

I want our state legislature ALL OVER this issue, and I don’t mean a year from now, I don’t mean just before the next election, I mean NOW! And I am fairly certain that I am not the only LEGAL American VOTER in the great state of Texas that feels this way!

“Although the Mexican government recognizes the sovereign rights of all countries to decide policies that apply in their own territories, nevertheless, we cannot remain indifferent over a law like (Arizona) Senate Bill 1070, which has the potential to affect the human rights of thousands of Mexican people,”

Human rights only seem to matter to Mexico when it’s the American society that is taking the hits, providing education, healthcare and the like. I haven’t heard of any massive social welfare reforms or programs in Mexico. Maybe that’s why, coupled with Mexico’s lack of human rights in it’s own nation, maybe that’s why we have so many Mexicans coming to the USA illegally!

Maybe we need to simplify OUR immigration laws, make them so simple that even a child can understand their exact intent! How about this?

1. If you migrate to this county, you must speak the native language

2. You have to be a professional or an investor. No unskilled workers allowed.

3. There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools, no special ballots for elections, all government business will be conducted in our language.

4. Foreigners will NOT have the right to vote no matter how long they are here.

5 Foreigners will NEVER be able to hold political office.

6. Foreigners will not be a burden to the taxpayers. No welfare, no food stamps, no health care, or other government assistance programs.

7. Foreigners can invest in this country, but it must be an amount equal to 400 times the daily minimum wage.

8. If foreigners do come and want to buy land that will be okay, BUT options will be restricted. You are not allowed waterfront property. That is reserved for citizens naturally born into this country.

9. Foreigners may not protest; no demonstrations, no waving a foreign flag, no political organizing, no badmouthing our president or his policies, if you do you will be sent home.

10. If you do come to this country illegally, you will be hunted down and sent straight to jail.

Harsh, you say? The above laws belong to the immigration laws of MEXICO!

It’s really funny how Mexico, and pretty much every other nation on earth, can enforce their laws regarding immigration, and enforce them stringently, but if WE enforce OUR immigration laws, WE are violating human rights!

Does anyone else see the hypocrisy of that?

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