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Arizona beheading raises fears of drug violence

October 29th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Arizona beheading raises fears of drug violence

CHANDLER, Ariz. (AP) - The gruesome case of a man who was stabbed and beheaded in a suburban Phoenix apartment has police investigating whether the killing is potentially the most extreme example of Mexican drug cartel violence spilling over the border.

Martin Alejandro Cota-Monroy’s body was found Oct. 10 in a Chandler apartment - his severed head a couple feet away. One man suspected in the killing has been arrested, and a manhunt is under way for three others.

Detectives are focused on whether the men belong to a Mexican drug cartel, and they suspect that Cota-Monroy’s killing was punishment for stealing drugs. The brutal nature of the killing could be designed to send a message to others within the cartel.

“If it does turn out to be a drug cartel out of Mexico, typically that’s a message being sent,” said Chandler police Detective David Ramer. “This person was chosen to be executed. It sends a message to other people: If you cross us, this is what happens.”

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Arizona beheading raises fears of drug violence

Last night our local TEA Party met and we were asked to be thinking of the things we want most to impress upon our incoming lawmakers once the new Congress and Senate are seated.

Living in Texas, and it being a border state that is already inundated with ILLEGAL Hispanics, I am thinking that my biggest push for Washington will be border security, or lack there of, no amnesty in ANY way and the deportation of all ILLEGALS.

We already KNOW that Mexico is over-run by narco-terrorists, all you have to do is look at the news every day. Murders, beheadings, innocent people killed by the drug cartels for sometimes no other reason than simply refusing to work for the cartels.

Stories like these are becoming an almost daily occurrence: 15 Killed in Mexican Car Wash Massacre and this: A Mexico massacre in unfamiliar place: the capital

We KNOW that Mexican troops have crossed our borders, thus committing an INVASION against the sovereign borders of the USA and it’s citizens.

Large Areas of Arizona Now Part of Mexican Narco State
Fatal Arizona Home Invasion Sparks Fears of Mexican Military Involvement

Yet these incursions, INVASIONS, have yet to be met with military force, by Obama or his less than impressive predecessor, G.W. Bush. Our borders are still basically WIDE OPEN.

The Virtual border fence a $1 billion failure, and I would venture to say, that $1 BILLION price tag is probably a low-ball estimate.

Our nation is in great peril, this is the HOT story on the news networks as I write this post, Explosive found in Dubai, part of US terror. There are those that seek to attack us from all points of the compass.

Decapitations are a regular part of the drug war in Mexico as cartels fight over territory. Headless bodies have been hanged from bridges by their feet, severed heads have been sent to victims’ family members and government officials, and bags of up to 12 heads have been dropped off in high-profile locations.

More than 28,000 people have been killed in Mexico in drug-related violence since December 2006, when President Felipe Calderon deployed soldiers to battle the cartels in their strongholds.

That could very soon be the regular news story in the USA.

If the suspects in the Arizona case belong to a cartel, the crime could be the only known beheading in the U.S. carried out by a drug cartel, said Tony Payan, a political science professor at the University of Texas at El Paso who has done extensive research about border violence.

IF is one of the biggest words we use. IF the suspects are cartel members, IF the suspects are captured, IF the suspects are prosecuted, IF the suspects are still in the United States. That’s a lot of IF’s in my opinion.

“The cartels warring in Mexico have operatives in Phoenix, and it is possible they may go after each other in places like that,” he said, but added that cartels are very unlikely to target the general American population. “Our law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies have shown a high degree of competence. In Mexico, they’re nowhere near that level.”

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U.S. releases first part of drug aid for Mexico

December 3rd, 2008 . by TexasFred

U.S. releases first part of drug aid for Mexico

MEXICO CITY (AP) — The U.S. government finally released the first part of a $400 million aid package Wednesday to support Mexico’s police and soldiers in their fight against drug cartels.

The money comes at a critical time: Mexico’s death toll from drug violence has soared above 4,000 so far this year, and drug-related murders and kidnappings are spilling over the U.S. border as well.

U.S. Ambassador Tony Garza formally released $197 million at a signing ceremony in Mexico City. The rest will be disbursed throughout the year.

Garza said the Merida Initiative aid will enable the U.S. and Mexico to work more closely, sharing information on the cartels in real time.

Full Story Here:
U.S. releases first part of drug aid for Mexico

And the money is, without a doubt, already filtering into the hands of the drug lords.

Mexico, is one of the most corrupt nations on earth, ALL of Mexico. Not just a few *bad apples*, all parts of the Mexican government are as crooked as a dogs hind leg. Nearly ALL of their officials take payoffs or simply look the other way. It’s called FEAR, and the drug lords have instilled FEAR in the Mexican police and army.

We have allotted $400M in this battle? The drug lords make payoffs bigger than that. The drug lords give up a $20M shipment to get the $250M shipment across the border. It’s just money, and the drug lords have more of it than the American people do. Money is what makes them powerful. Money buys the guns and bombs. Money bribes the many corrupt officials that are needed to make the drug business even MORE profitable than it already is. American dollars. From American drug users.

But many questions remain about the direction of this drug war, and both Mexico and Colombia, where 90% of U.S.-bound cocaine is produced, worry they’ll be handcuffed by concerns about human rights and corruption once Barack Obama is president.

When you have the most liberal Senator ever become POTUS, you get the most liberal POTUS ever. You KNOW that Obama is going to be BIG on *human rights*, we can’t be doing things like shooting the drug dealers DOWN where we find em now can we?? And God forbid we actually close the U.S. border with Mexico.

The aid to Mexico — which includes no cash — includes helicopters and surveillance aircraft, airport inspection equipment and case-tracking software to help police share real-time intelligence. It also supports Mexican efforts to weed out corrupt police, improve the judicial system and protect witnesses.

No cash?? You don’t think that the Mexicans haven’t already made arrangements for some of this hardware to just disappear?? *Poof*, gone. Just like that, and money in hand for the transaction.

And it’s going to help to weed out corrupt Mexican police? Read this: Nearly half of Mexican cops fail police tests, and ask yourself one question, IF something like 49% of Mexican cops are unfit for duty, HOW did they become cops to begin with?

Corruption! Plain and simple. A payoff to the right guy and I can pick a town and be named Chief of their police, it’s THAT simple. From the top of the heap to the very bottom of the stinking pile, Mexico is corrupt. And we’re financing them in so many ways…

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